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16 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Vancouver

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Vancouver is a really great city. It has both mountains and ocean and a lot of other pretty impressive aspects. Below we've gathered some things we bet are still unknown to many of you. Read them and tell us if you know other interesting facts about Vancouver.

The First McDonalds in Canada

Did you know that the first batch of McNuggets made on Canadian soil was made in Richmond, in 1967?

The Marine Building was the Tallest Building

This renowned Vancouver building, of Art Deco influence, was considered the tallest construction in the British Empire, at a certain point in time.

North Vancouver Had a Different Name

Once upon a time, the north part of Vancouver, initially a logging settlement on the Burrard Inlet, was called Moodyville, named after Sewell Moody who built a sawmill. In the same location, you can now find a park.

The Lions Gate Bridge Was Built with Beer Money The bridge which links downtown Vancouver to West Vancouver was created thanks to Guinness Beer Company to ensure access to a residential area, the British Properties.

The Whole City Burned Down

Did you know that most of the just recently consolidated city burnt in 1886, because of the Great Vancouver Fire? It was meant to clear away the land near the Main Street, but the fire destroyed much more.

Second Largest Port in North America

Coming second to New York, Vancouver has the second largest port of North-America, after New York City, when it comes to both tonnage and physical size. Also, we take pride in having one of the major cruise ship ports in the whole world.

Sister Cities

A lot of cities in the GVRD (Great Vancouver Regional District) fraternized with cities all around the globe. Burnaby’s has among its sister cities the location named Kushiro, located in Hokkaido, Japan, which donated the totem poles on Burnaby Mountain. Vancouver boasts itself on having six sister cities including Edinburg and Los Angeles.

British Passports Named the British Properties

Initially, you had access to the British Properties only if you had a British Passport, so lots of people were denied the possibility to live in this residential establishment.

Largest Retractable Roof in the World

The BC Place Stadium, in Vancouver, has a unique retractable roof, the largest in the world. Its record length is a little more than 7,500 square meters.

Largest LGBTQ+ Community in Western Canada

Our special event called the Pride Parade is one of the largest in the world, having over 500,000 participants. A landmark in this respect is Davie Street & the West End, an area frequented by the LGBTQ+ Community that incorporates night clubs, events, festivities and plenty more.

Longest Pool in Canada

Also in Vancouver, you will find Kitsilano’s salt water pool which is almost 137.5 meters long (451 ft), having approximately the size of three Olympic pools. This outdoor pool has a constant temperature of 25C (77F), so you will always be warm, regardless of the weather conditions!

Stanley Park is Bigger than Central Park

The biggest and the most liked public park in Vancouver is 1001 acres, being 10% larger than Central Park, in New York City. It just won an award!

Vancouver Chef Invented the California Roll

Hidekazu Tojo, a British Columbian famous chef, came up with the idea for the California roll. His restaurant, Tojo’s, can be found at 1133, West Broadway.

World’s Longest Cable-Supported Transit-Only Bridge

The Skybridge, the world’s longest cable-supported transit-only bridge, is crossed with the help of the SkyTrain, above the Fraser River.

Home of Green Peace

When a bunch of activists from Vancouver collaborated with the purpose of stopping nuclear bomb testing in Alaska, Greenpeace organization took birth. Their mission might have been unsuccessful, but the organization continues to be the world’s most visible environmental institution.

No Freeways Downtown

You might not like it as a driver not to have freeways, but the inhabitants love it. Vancouver is among the few North American cities that have no freeways in the city. Griffin Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Services – 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR

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Posted on Apr 12 2016

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