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20 Fun Facts about the City of Vancouver

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Vancouver is a beautiful seaport city in Canada, located in the British Columbia province. In addition to the roughly 2.1 million people who call Vancouver home, close to 1.5 million people visit from near and far every year, to experience everything this city has to offer. In addition to the more common things that people know about Vancouver, here are some lesser-known and interesting facts.


Fascinating Truths about Vancouver

  1. Vancouver is officially named after Naval Captain George Vancouver, the first European to travel Canada’s Pacific Coast in 1792.

  1. Of all Canadian cities, Vancouver is the warmest, with just 11 days of snow annually.

  1. Vancouver comes in second to Hollywood for broadcasting and movie production.

  1. The fourth-largest cruise ship port in the world is in Vancouver.

  1. The largest port in Canada is the Port of Vancouver, making it the primary shipping route for most Canadian exports.

  1. Vancouver is the host city for the largest annual gay parade.

  1. Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Mount Seymour, among others, means Vancouver is an excellent place to snow ski.

  1. In Vancouver’s cold waters, you have the opportunity to swim with Beluga whales.

  1. Vancouver has the longest pool in all of Canada. The size of three Olympic pools, this saltwater pool measures 451 feet long.

  1. In Canada, real estate prices are the highest in Vancouver.

  1. Covering 1,001 acres, the urban oasis of Vancouver’s Stanley Park is 10 percent larger than New York City’s Central Park.

  1. The Vancouver Aquarium ranks in the top five aquariums in the world.

  1. The downtown area of Vancouver is comprised of 65 percent residential living. This is evident in the vast number of high-rise condominium towers.

  1. Greenpeace, one of the oldest and most successful of all environmental groups in the world, was established in Vancouver in 1971.

  1. Based on quality of life, Vancouver ranks as the third-best city for living in the world.

  1. Roughly 33 percent of Vancouver’s population is foreign.

  1. Vancouver has the highest population of Asians in North America.

  1. Downtown Vancouver has no freeways.

  1. Vancouver shares a huge earthquake fault line with Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

  1. Beer and alcohol are not sold in grocery stores in Vancouver.


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Posted on Mar 01 2016

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