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3 Travel Accessories You Might As Well Leave At Home During Your Next Business Trip

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Packing these days is often an extravagant event. Not only do you need to pack your clothes, but you also need to pack all of the accessories and electronic devices that you're going to need for your business meetings and office-on-the-go. With that in mind, there are a few devices that are better left outside the luggage.

1. The Power Converter

The eponymous power converter used to be a travel essential, but today it's really not necessary; every hotel and motel has electrical adapters on hand, and most of them have them already tucked away in a hotel drawer. Unless you're going to be doing a lot of charging in random homes, you can probably leave your old 7-in-1 adapter behind. Just ask your maid service or the front desk for an adapter as you walk in.

2. The Translation Device

These handheld, portable translation devices have been popular for decades as a way of roughly asking locals "Where is the bathroom?" and "Can you take my picture?" but they aren't likely to be of any use during a business meeting. If you really need to translate during a meeting, it's best to avail yourself of the services of a living, breathing professional. And if you find yourself needing a translation on-the-fly, your smartphone will likely be your best bet.

3. The Sleeping Pillow

There are dozens of sleeping pillows that claim to be the best way to sleep on a plane, but they all have two very dark secrets: one, they're not  any better than squishing up a blanket, and two, they're just going to choke you or stretch your spinal column. If you really need to sleep on the plane, ask your flight attendant for another pillow or a blanket. They'll be more than happy to help.

Packing light is absolutely the best bet when you're going on business, especially because it's so easy for luggage to get lost. A light carry-on will be immeasurably more useful than a gigantic, checked bag that contains absolutely all of your essentials.

Posted on Sep 04 2014

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