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3 Ways to help Prevent Jet Lag From Sabotaging Your Business Trip

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Is there anything worse than struggling from jet lag after a long flight? Regardless of your flight's length, you'll often experience jet lag after a longer flight. Anytime that you change time zones, it can take some time for your body to catch up. While everyone else is up early and ready to face the day, your internal clock might tell you that you need just a few hours more sleep. When you travel often for work, jet lag can leave you acting sluggish and unable to keep up with your clients and your meetings. With the tips that we found, you can now prevent jet lag on your next business trip.


Keep Hydrated

Spending long hours on a plane can leave you thirsty and suffering from symptoms of dehydration. That dehydration can make it harder to sleep or can leave you sleeping longer than you should, which will make your jet lag even worse. Keep hydrated on your flight in a few simple ways. Opt for water over alcohol, which can actually drain your body of its necessary fluids. Aim for a minimum of eight ounces for each of the hours that you spend on the plane. You can also use moisturizers to hydrate your skin and lip balm to keep your lips from drying out and feeling chapped.


Roam the Plane

Far too many travelers spend almost the whole flight sitting in their seats except for those times when they take bathroom breaks. While you might want to take a nap on a shorter flight or get some serious sleep on a longer flight, you should also take the time to roam around the plane. The more time that you spend in your seat, the less you move your muscles. That is why many travelers experience muscle cramps or leg pains after a longer trip. Even walking back and forth between the bathroom and your seat a few times will stretch your muscles and help you get in some exercise that can reduce your jet lag symptoms later.


Relax Once You Arrive

Once your flight lands, give yourself some time to relax and recuperate from your travels before your next meeting. Instead of scheduling a meeting that takes place an hour or two after you arrive at the airport, try to schedule meetings the day after or at least a few hours later. With our car service in Vancouver business travelers can relax on their way to and from business meetings. Our comfortable cars let you enjoy the soft seats and comfortable surroundings as you prepare to meet clients. You'll have time to collect your thoughts, think about what you want to say and get ready to wow those meetings. We also provide return car service for relaxing on your way back to the hotel.

With Griffin Transportation, you can book Whistler limo service for your next meeting before or after booking your flight. The rest and relaxation you get in one of our vehicles will help you prepare for any business event.

Posted on Jan 17 2017

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