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36 hours in Seattle

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Seattle is considered to be a great city to visit because of its unique food, music, and culture. 36 hours might not seem enough to admire all of its beauty but take into consideration the fact that here you can spend that period doing almost all that you want. Seattle is just the right place for those who like to admire the unaltered natural beauties but also crave to feel the energy and the excitement of a major city during their next trip.



Downtown you can visit Pike Place Market. It’s considered to be one of Seattle’s most popular tourist attractions. Here, you can still order your coffee at the very first Starbucks cafe, which has been open to the public since 1971. While enjoying your coffee, you can check the local stores and stalls. You should really check out the underground area, where you can discover a lot of eccentric shops, among them being the Market Magic and Novelty Shop, a second-hand bookstore and a vintage poster collector’s outpost.

You can also take a picture with Rachel, the piggy bank that weighs five hundred pounds or just wait for someone to buy some fresh fish at the Pike Place Fish Market and witness how the fish is thrown from the freezer to the packaging station.

Our recommendation is to choose a country restaurant for dinner. Try a typical American menu and go to Chicken Valley or Taxi Dogs, a place where you can find original hot dogs. If you crave something different, you can choose from Turkish Delight, Crepe de France, Kastoori Grill, Pike Place Chinese, Jasmine Thai Restaurant, La Mexicana and Japanese Gourmet. You can also pick up the food and have your dinner in the park at the end of the street while admiring the views of Puget Sound and watch the ferries pass by.



Are you a coffee aficionado? Seattle is just the location to satisfy your coffee passion. Go to Caffe Vita, a friendly, intimate coffee shop, owned by local coffee fans. They like to invest in farmers who practice sustainable agriculture and remain faithful to the highest standards when it comes to the coffee they produce. You will understand that brewing coffee is both an art and science here at Caffe Vita, once you see that they manually perform every step of the roasting and brewing process. Once your coffee is ready, you'll also discover a thoughtful and nicely designed heart or leaf on top of it.

With the caffeine giving you plenty of energy, try a favorite local hobby: hiking. Discovery Park is a former military fort, located only 20 minutes away from the center of downtown. You can roam around the old barracks and the crumbling buildings invaded by the tall evergreen trees and the moss or enjoy the views of the water.



If you like spending time at the beach, then head to Alki Beach, one of the few location where you can find sand, not just rocky beaches. It is located directly across downtown and, once you're here, you can admire the amazing views of the Seattle skyline and the Space Needle, from across the Puget Sound. On a day with a clear sky, you can even catch a glimpse of the Olympic Mountains behind the city. The best views can be admired by climbing the old lighthouse that dates back to 1913. This building is a reminder of Alki’s history as the first place of white settlement in what would become the nowadays city of Seattle.



What better way to spend a Saturday evening than by visiting the Seattle Art Museum! You'll spot it immediately because in front of it is the sculpture of the Hammering Man, almost as tall as the building itself and having a motorized moving arm. The antique cars hanging from the ceiling that you will see as soon as you enter the museum will give you an idea of the incredible art you will find here. You should know that admission is free on the first Saturday of the month. Otherwise, admission is $12.50 for teenagers and $19.50 for adults.

Head to the pier and for dinner, have the American variant of the fish and chips dish, at Ivar’s. It has been open to the public since 1938 and has two important features: reasonably priced dishes and the best possible view of the water. Right next to it you can visit the Seattle Great Wheel, Seattle’s version of the London Eye, which not only offers you great views of the city but it is also much more entertaining than the Space Needle.

But what's a trip to Seattle without witnessing the music scene? Famous for producing great musicians like Nirvana or Pearl Jam, Seattle continues to be a source for many great musicians even nowadays. It doesn't matter if you prefer the electronic, alternative or classical music, it's impossible not to find a venue that focuses on that particular genre. If you are under 21, you can still come to the Showbox, that is right across the street from Pike Place Market and hosts all-ages music events.



Try not to leave town before having brunch at Snoqualmie Falls. Drive east for about half an hour, pass over Lake Washington and admire the Bellevue skyline, the place where Microsoft has its headquarters. During your drive, you will see a series of beautiful lakes and small waterfalls, but all this can't compare with the spectacular view of the falls from the Salish Lodge Dining Room. You should definitely try the pancakes, which are that popular that the restaurant sells the mix in grocery stores, to be able to make them in your own kitchen afterward. If you're a hiking fan, you will be happy to know that there is a two-acre park surrounding the falls, complete with hiking trails where you can work off those pancakes.



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Posted on Aug 30 2016

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