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4 Benefits of Offering New Employees a

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What is a pre-cation, and why is it the newest business trend? A "pre-cation" is a vacation that employers give their new employees before they start work. It goes like this: once a job has been offered, the employee can immediately take their two weeks of vacation before starting. And it comes with some major benefits.

1. It's an Extremely Competitive Perk

Are you trying to hire major talent into your company? Not only is a pre-cation a fantastic benefit, but it's also a benefit that almost no other company offers--because it's still practically unheard of. The pre-cation will likely be a growing trend, so implementing this benefit right now will be hugely beneficial when scouting.

2. You Don't Need to Worry About a Vacation for Another Year

Most companies accrue vacation time by the hours worked, so even a new employee could request their vacation days at any time -- and they may want to request a few days here, a few days there. By offering a pre-cation instead, you ensure that your employee will not have scheduled time out of the office for at least the next year, letting them (and you) concentrate on the work at hand.

3. Employees Arrive to the Company Ready to Go

Employees often arrive at a company from another job that they were unsatisfied with. By offering them a pre-cation, you ensure that they arrive at your company feeling well-rested and enthusiastic at the opportunity at hand.

4. You Can Build Employee Loyalty from the Beginning

Companies today think too little about employee loyalty. Employee loyalty reduces high turnover rates and ensures that employees work as hard as they can, rather than as hard as they can get away with. By offering perks like the pre-cation, you show employees that you care about them.

Don't forget that a pre-cation doesn't need to be exclusive with business travel. Think about it this way: if you have a company with multiple offices, you can send your new hires to train with another office while still getting in some vacation time. There are many ways that business travel can be used to a company's advantage when you think out of the box.

Posted on Oct 10 2014

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