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4 Benefits of Using Vancouver Airport Transportation

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

We bet that many corporate travelers are wondering which steps to take so as to make their travel more efficient. To this end, an important part plays the way you choose to get to and from the airport. When in doubt whether to hire car service or not, think about these benefits before taking a decision.


If you and your employees are often away on business travels, you must be continuously searching for ways to diminish travel costs and increase productivity at the same time. You might not have taken into consideration how much money and time you can save by hiring a car service to take you to the airport. Instead of paying parking fees, a rental car and gas to fill it, just hire our Vancouver Airport Transportation, and you'll be paying only one fee to get to the airport. Additionally, you won't lose productivity because you' ll be focusing on your work rather than on driving. Therefore, you can make phone calls, write emails and other similar tasks. The costs of the airport car services will be compensated by being productive on your way to the airport. As time is considered a precious commodity for corporate travelers, it's a huge advantage having the possibility to make phone calls, send emails or work during the airport transfer.

Reliability and efficiency

The worst case scenario for all those who travel by air is that they show up late and miss their flight. You should know that a reliable transportation service must arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, making sure you are always on time at your destination. We always keep track of your flights so as not to be caught off guard by any delays; therefore, we will be able to adjust the pick-up time based on the flight's updated arrival time. You should contact us only if your flight is canceled and you have to take a different one. Griffin Transportation is a company that relies on its professional employees to provide corporate travel programs & solutions, luxury executive services, as well as logistical support and chauffeured services, corporate travel professionals and meeting & event planners or for destination managers. We guarantee you the best corporate transportation services. Our reliable team of experts always keeps an eye on the traffic reports and has an extensive knowledge of the traffic patterns, being able to choose the most efficient route to your destination.


Time and money are wasted on parking fees, rental cars, sitting in traffic or getting lost in an unknown city. Not many people realize how important it is to have the chance to review your big presentation, to get your thoughts in order, all while your chauffeur transports you comfortably to or from the airport.


This advantage can be essential if you're in a hurry. It sometimes can make the difference between making your flight and arriving on time to close the big deal or the contrary. Put in balance all these benefits on the one hand and the cost of an airport transfer on the other and decide what matters most to you. If you consider the benefits to be more important than the costs, there's only one thing to do. Just realize that you have a lot to gain if you use a reliable limousine service for your next airport transfer; not only will you be saving on parking and rental car fees but more importantly, you will be saving your time.

Vancouver airport transportation

Let Griffin Transportation offer you a smooth arrival or departure, in Vancouver, with the help of our Vancouver airport transportation private service. Just meet your driver and afterward sit back and relax the entire ride to your hotel or private residence in the Vancouver metropolitan area. Both our chauffeurs and receptionists are schooled using the latest customer service and driver improvement training programs. Be completely confident because we also require a drug and alcohol testing as a pre-employing procedure.

Our fleet of vehicles offers only the most modern limousines or luxury buses, Sedans, SUV’s or executive vans, that can meet even the most challenging demands. You should forget about the stress of sharing a shuttle or finding a taxi once you arrive in Vancouver and just book our Vancouver airport transportation instead.

Take a sit in our luxurious vehicles and enjoy the ride without thinking about taxi meters or getting lost in an unfamiliar city. It doesn't matter if you're traveling to or from Victoria for business or pleasure, the best option for you to relax during the journey to or from the airport is by hiring a limousine service. Forget about the traffic and all the parking space problems and just relax and enjoy the ride. If you intend to visit Victoria, let us drive you to all the interesting locations, such as the Butchart Gardens, Craigdarroch Castle, The Royal British Columbia Museum or to the British Columbia Parliament buildings.

Do you want the best Vancouver airport transportation? Contact Griffin Transportation today.

Posted on Jun 07 2016

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