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4 Mistakes You’re Making at the Airport

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As your Vancouver airport transportation company of choice, we want to ensure that your time spent traveling is relaxing, stress-free and productive. While many of our passengers routinely take to the skies for business and pleasure, we have identified a few areas where some simple changes at the airport could result in a more pleasant experience overall. From the credit card you carry to the number of bags you travel with, to the technology on your phone and even when you eat, there are a number of mistakes that we would like to help our current and future passengers correct.

Not Carrying Your Airline’s Credit Card

Travel is expensive and our customers frequently comment that the best way to save is with the various airline credit cards. From helping you net extra award miles to discounted baggage charges, use of the airport club lounges or free in-flight amenities, including upgrades, these cards come loaded with a host of benefits which will enhance your travel experience. The number one mistake our customers make at the airport is not owning one of these credit cards.

Packing Too Many Bags

Excess luggage is one of the biggest headaches and mistakes customers make at the airport. From the physical stress of hauling bags to the frustration of lost luggage, passengers would be wise to consolidate their personal effects into the smallest number of bags possible. Unless travelers will be flying first class, a quick scan of the major airline carrier websites shows that each bag beyond the first tends to increase in price exponentially. Some simple pre-planning, consolidation and better packing can help you avoid excess baggage charges.

Ignoring Technology

Ignoring technology is yet another mistake we often see made at our local airports. Flight tracking software, apps offered by the various airlines and hotels are a must on your mobile device. Together, these applications will help you know when to arrive for your flight, stay apprised of delays or avoid simple hassles of printing and carrying boarding passes by keeping them stored locally on your phone.

Eating at the Airport

While flying can make you hungry, eating at the airport can be an expensive endeavor. When asked for advice, our number one tip to our customers is to grab a meal before heading to your flight or wait to locate food until you have left the airport. Packing a quick and easy snack such as a protein bar can help hold you over until healthier and more affordable options present. In addition to being easier on the wallet, off-airport fare tends to be far healthier and more palatable.

No matter the reason for your travels, there are always ways to improve your time at the airport. We encourage airline passengers to consider booking one of our Vancouver limos to enhance the travel experience. Our fleet of late model vehicles, chauffeured by trained professionals are a safe, comfortable and luxurious way to travel. We look forward to welcoming you into one of our vehicles and offering you a fun, relaxing and stress-free ride.

Posted on May 02 2017

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