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4 Tips for Decreasing the Cost of Corporate Travel

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Every year, the cost of corporate travel increases. However, because travel goes hand-in-hand with operating a successful business, it is important that you find ways to cut back but without sacrificing on quality.


The good news is that you actually have multiple solutions, such as hiring Griffin Transportation. As an employee of a professional limousine service in Vancouver, your chauffeur will go the extra mile in providing high-caliber service at an affordable rate.


Helpful Money-Saving Tips


  1. Apartment Living—In addition to using the services of a Vancouver limo company like Griffin Transportation, consider apartment living as opposed to hotel accommodations. Corporate apartments are actually quite common, and for long-term stays, they are a more cost-efficient option. For one thing, a corporate apartment can be shared by multiple people. Because of that, the number of hotel rooms is reduced. In addition, this type of apartment has a full-size kitchen, which cuts down the expense of eating out.


  1. Hostel Accommodations—If you prefer hotel-type accommodations over apartment living or perhaps cannot find a corporate apartment available when you need it, another option involves renting at a hostel. Although you do give up a little privacy, the cost is dramatically less.


  1. Low-Season Traveling—While not always possible, if you can, consider taking business trips during the low season. When traveling during off-peak seasons, you spend less for a Vancouver limo, as well as hotel accommodations and airline flights.


  1. Regional Airports—Most people naturally look for flights going into and out of international airports. However, if you are trying to save money on corporate travel, check with regional airports as well. These airports often offer flights to many of the same destinations for less money.


Additional Considerations


The four money-saving tips mentioned above will make a substantial difference in what you spend on corporate travel, but there are others that you might consider as well.


  • Book Airline Tickets in Advance—To get the best savings on flights, book at least 30 days out from when you need to travel.


  • Use Carry-On Luggage—To avoid extra baggage fees and stay out of long baggage claim lines, use carry-on luggage only.


Excellent Ground Transportation


Many people still believe that limo service in Vancouver is expensive, but in reality, this is a very affordable means of ground transportation. After all, you pay one fee, whereas with a rental car you would be responsible for the cost of the vehicle, as well as insurance, fuel, parking, tolls, and more. By using a Vancouver limo, you also have a professional chauffeur who can answer questions about the city and its attractions, make recommendations, and get you to each destination on time.

Posted on Mar 29 2016

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