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5 Asian Destinations Worth Visiting

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There’s definitely lots to see, smell and taste when it comes to Asia, and it doesn’t just stop at one or two countries. From sunny beaches to bustling metropolises and modern art to fascinating street markets, you’ll probably need more time to digest and enjoy everything around you. Of course, you’ll have your own preferences on what you’ll prefer to see and do during your time in Asia, so we’ve provided you with some handy insights on some of the top spots to visit in Asia in 2018 just down below:



The Indonesian island of Bali is famed worldwide for its sandy beaches, amazing diving opportunities, majestic mountains, as well as evergreen rain forests. In this destination that’s often referred to by travelers as "heaven on earth”, not only will you get to enjoy friendly camaraderie with the locals, you’ll also get to delight your senses with delicious Indonesian fare, serene temples, and amazing scenery.



Immaculate zen gardens, beautifully maintained shrines, and the famed Philosopher's Walk is more than enough to entice most history lovers to this once imperial Japanese capital. If your stomach has a major claim on your destination of choice, you can also enjoy a session of kaiseki (a multi-course meal native to this prefecture) during your stay here.


Hong Kong

This major shopping destination is also internationally recognized as a major business hub. Growing in leaps and bounds is not something new to this bustling island, and if you’re interested in treating your stomach to some of Asia’s best dining experiences, you’ll best head on over to this urban centre. Street markets and the famous Aberdeen floating market is just the tip of the iceberg here.



If you’re still unfamiliar with Thai food, you’re going to get an express ticket to familiarity once you drop by one of their many street stalls in Bangkok. Here, the nightlife goes on well into the early hours of the morning, and there’s plenty for you to see and do at most hours of the day. If you’re into peaceful strolls, there’s also plenty of Hindu sites and beautifully maintained temples for you to visit.



Your first visit to Hanoi can be quite disorienting if you’re unfamiliar with the blaring horns of traffic zipping by endlessly. However, you won’t have to be there long enough to realize that there really is more to this beautiful Vietnamese capital than most people are aware of. Here, you’ll get to enjoy a refreshing cup of Vietnamese coffee, stroll peacefully through one of their many temples, and spend a relaxing time at Dong Xuan, the city’s largest market.


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Posted on Oct 30 2018

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