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5 Business Productivity Apps Everyone Should Have

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When traveling on business, staying productive is difficult. The good news is that by making a few good decisions, you can get a tremendous amount of work done even when faced with challenges and time constraints. For one thing, consider a Vancouver limo service. That way, you can work while the chauffeur handles the road. In addition, you can use a number of mobile apps designed specifically to enhance productivity.


Improving Productivity


  1. OfficeSuite 8—Having won multiple awards, OfficeSuite 8 for Android mobile devices is a fully featured suite. For working on presentations, documents, and spreadsheets, this office package is extremely beneficial. If preferred, you can purchase the Pro version or spend a little more to enjoy a font compatibility add-on with the Premium version.


  1. Cabinet BETA—One of the biggest problems for business travelers is being restricted to a filing system. With Cabinet BETA, you have the ability to use your Android mobile device much like a standard computer. This productivity app allows you to move easily through folders, moving things around or deleting and sharing files.


  1. AirDroid—This is another top productivity app for android mobile devices. For starters, you could pull up the website using the browser on your computer. With that done, you can send and read texts, browse through storage on the mobile device, view call logs, and transfer files from the mobile device to the computer wirelessly. As a bonus, this app can mirror the home screen on your desktop computer, and lets you control your phone via the computer.


  1. Chrome Remote Desktop—If you need full access to your desktop computer from your mobile device, this productivity app is perfect. After installing the companion app, you can safely and securely connect to your desktop computer using your Android phone or tablet.


  1. Today Calendar – To stay on top of tight schedules, including important client meetings, you need a way to see everything from a glance. With Today Calendar, you have the opportunity to get even more done as a passenger in a Seattle limousine. The problem is that most mobile calendars leave much to be desired. The difference with Today Calendar is that it works seamlessly with the Google Calendar service. You have a choice of a free app supported by ads or for a nominal fee, you can choose the Pro Version without ads.


Choosing the Right Ground Transportation


Regardless if you choose a Vancouver limo or Seattle limousine service, it is important to choose a reputable company. A prime example is Griffin Transportation, which offers premier services in areas of both Seattle and Vancouver.

Posted on Jan 13 2016

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