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5 Executive Traveler Tips For Surviving The Hectic Summer Travel Season

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For many families, summer and the end-of-school means the one time a year they can head to the airport en masse enjoy a well-earned family vacation. It’s the moment they look forward to all year, but for you, the executive road warrior, summer signals the coming of long lines in security, crowded airports, and inopportune delays. Your travel season may never end, but you can still breeze through the hectic summer with the following five tips that will have you prepared for any airport fiasco.

Check with your Credit Card Companies for Free or Discounted Airline Lounge Entry

One of the most exciting and least publicized features of many premium credit cards is that they provide the cardholder and their guests deeply discounted, or sometimes free entry into many different airline lounges. The American Express Platinum card is one of the most notable cards to provide this service, but many more are jumping on the bandwagon. Even if you’re card can’t grant you complimentary entry, the discounted price and the lounge amenities just may entice you to spend your layover hours away from the crowded gates and noisy restaurants.

Apply For a DHS Trusted Traveler Program

Families with small children contribute significantly to backlogged security lines and frustrated travelers stuck behind them. By being accepted into one of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Trusted Traveler Programs, such as TSA Precheck, you can bypass the standard security line and enjoy the convenience of an expedited security experience, typically populated by seasoned travelers such as yourself. While these programs aren’t available at all airports yet, the list is growing rapidly, and more and more cities are streamlining the security process for frequent fliers. There are even some programs which can speed-up the customs declaration process if you often find yourself overseas.

Utilize a TSA Compliant Laptop Bag

Although tablets and phones have continued to gain valuable functionality in recent years, it’s still difficult for most professional travelers to work at peak efficiency without their laptop. With a TSA compliant suitcase or bag, you can forego the hassle of removing your computer and storing it alone in a bin every time you pass through security. These bags have exploded in popularity recently, resulting in more manufacturers producing them for reasonable prices and with sleek designs.

Pad your Schedule with Extra Time

Frequent thunderstorms, overcrowded planes, and jam-packed highways during the summer months mean you’re going to be faced with occasional delays. It’s especially important to think ahead during this harried season and plan your schedule with significant time for you to reach your destination. After all, your important client may not be waiting to hear your excuse that your plane was late!

Stick with One Airline as Often as Possible: Work Towards Status!

Airlines reward their most loyal customers with the best benefits and special treatment. Pick an airline that is convenient for you, and try to fly with them whenever you can (even if it means extra layovers and higher ticket prices). You’ll be much more likely to score desirable upgrades that will give you an extra level of comfort over the mass of passengers making the journey with you.

Posted on Jul 09 2015

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