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5 Great Hacks to Maximize Your Travel Time

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Time is money, and too often we find that we don’t have enough time on our hands to enjoy ourselves as much as we would like during our vacation. One thing that will help to save time during your trip is our Vancouver chauffeured transportation service. With an experienced and committed team running the show, you can be assured of the finest and safest rides on the road during your stay.

Then again, transportation is only one aspect to maximizing your travel time. Let’s take a closer look at some amazing hacks you can use for your vacation planning:


Stick to Your Schedule

There’s no best way around work deadlines, but if you’ve already applied for leave way ahead of time, you deserve the break you’re going to go on. This is definitely the time for you to get creative. Use up your waiting time (e.g., airport and other lines) to handle emails, messages, and calls. Set a strict schedule for yourself for when to work during your trip. This way, not only will you get to accomplish your work, you’ll still get to enjoy your holiday without fretting from one scenario to another.


Always Plan Ahead

Like with anything else, a little planning never hurts. In the case of your traveling, you can even gain a big advantage. You’ll get to enjoy early bird deals and applications for leave will be a lot easier to approve if done months ahead. You wouldn’t want to plan for a holiday only to realize you can’t take some time off during that period. Discounts on air flights and hotels can also be a lot cheaper if booked or purchased in advance.


Make the Week Even Longer

A week-long holiday can be further maximized when you take advantage of the weekend before your weekdays and the weekend following that. Instead of 7 days, you’ll now get another extra day to travel and enjoy yourself and another day to fully rest before going back to work. If you leave right after work on Friday, you can possibly arrive at your destination on the same night itself or most likely in the morning the next day. Either way, you’ll get way more time on your hands now than ever.


Take Advantage of Holidays

You’ll be getting the mandatory amount of holidays in a year, so it can be good to pair up your travel plans to those times. By traveling during the holiday period, you won’t have to apply for more leave. If you don’t have to be anywhere in particular during Thanksgiving (or especially the week before), you’ll actually get to save a lot more on your traveling expenses. You can still celebrate earlier on or later and use the actual holiday time to enjoy yourself on a money-saving vacation.


Remember to Have Fun

You’re going on a holiday to relax and have as much fun as you can stand, so do your best to have that in your mind before you depart. Positive thinking definitely works wonders in most situations and you’ll definitely benefit from it during your trips. No matter the duration of your vacation, there’s always something to enjoy and learn from if we have the right mindset from the start.

Posted on Nov 07 2017

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