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5 Great Tips to Experience a Comfortable Hotel Stay

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Unless you choose a budget-type hotel or a backpackers place, you’re likely to get a comfortable enough hotel room for the duration of your stay. Then again though, it’s not the same as sleeping with your own pillow and bed.

Our Vancouver limousine service understands just how essential it is to provide our clients with top-notch service and a safe ride. You can be assured of a comfortable ride when you book our services online.

For more fantastic tips on how to enjoy a comfortable hotel stay, just read on down below.


Choose the Right Type of Pillow

Getting a good night’s rest is high on the list to starting the next day with enough energy sans grumpiness. This is why our beds and pillows play a big role in ensuring we drift off to dreamland in no time. If the pillows on your bed in the hotel room just doesn’t do it for you, you can always alert housekeeping or the sleep concierge. More likely than not, they’ll be able to provide you with a pillow type of your preference.


Use Your Own Toiletries

Some hotel toiletry scents just don’t make the cut. Not only that, but the soap and shampoo might just not be right for our skin or hair type. You’re definitely encouraged to bring along your own toiletries if you’re more particular. After all, the hotel’s goal is to ensure that you have a comfortable stay to consider becoming a repeat customer. If you have a preferred type of face cleanser or toothpaste, you should just pack them in.


Clear the Air

If you did not specifically request for a non-smoking room, there’s always the chance that you’ll be put in one. For those of us with more sensitive noses, this can be a major issue to our comfort for the duration of our stay. If a change to a non-smoking room isn’t possible, you can always attempt to air out the room by opening the windows and using some air freshener. If you’re a frequent hotel guest, you can even consider bringing along a portable air freshener.


Change the Room Temperature

If you have to bundle up with layers of clothing under the sheets, you’re most likely too cold to enjoy a comfortable hotel experience. A change in temperature really makes all the difference. One way to ensure that your room doesn’t become too warm when you’re out is to leave an extra key card in the holder. Some hotels automatically provide you with an extra card, but if not, you can always put in a request at the front desk.


Move Furniture Around

It’s not too hard to move certain furniture or items around in your hotel room, and we have all the rights to do so. If it’s more comfortable to push two single beds together, go ahead. If you prefer to adjust the sofa’s position to face the TV, it’s definitely alright. Most of the time, what we equate with comfort is also convenience, so this is one thing we can adjust to our preferences.

Posted on Nov 21 2017

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