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5 Tips for an Outstanding Airport Experience

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When using air travel, you have options for making the overall experience better. The next time you plan travel associated with the Vancouver International Airport, consider some of these recommendations. Even Vancouver airport transportation can become a part of your plan for a better experience when traveling.


Helpful Airport Tips


  1. Staying Productive—Be sure to pack things that will allow you to be productive. With a mobile deviceand uploaded apps, you have the opportunity to communicate with people in the office, create powerful presentations, work on important documents, arrange business meetings, and more.


  1. Baggage Identification—If you’re traveling with multiple checked bags, simple decisions will reduce stress and time during thesearch for your luggage among hundreds of others. To easily identify your luggage among hundreds of others, tie the same brightly colored ribbon around the handles of each bag. If preferred, you can purchase a special bag locator. With a small electronic tag, you simply use your smartphone to monitor the location of your luggage at any given time.


  1. Early Arrival—There is a reason that airport officials recommend arriving early for flights. By checking in early, you remove the worry about missing your boarding time and therefore your flight. Remember, you have options for staying busy during the wait.


  1. Flight Insurance—To enjoy everything your destination has to offer, consider multi-trip insurance. This type of protection is affordable and when things go wrong, highly beneficial.


  1. Online Check-In—Instead of dealing with long lines and the hassle of checking in for your flight, you can complete the check-in process online. By doing so, you avoid the hassle of in-person check-in.


Additional Options


In addition, you might consider purchasing a one-day lounge pass when dealing with lost luggage or long flight delays. Your time in the lounge will be make the wait more enjoyable thanks to comfortable seating, cocktails, food, and a more relaxing atmosphere.


Depending on the number of bags you have and their overall weight, it might be less expensive and easier to have them shipped via a reputable carrier. Upon arriving at the hotel, your luggage will bewaiting. With this, you don’t have to wait in line at baggage claim and the limo service in Vancouver does not have to deal with loading and unloading multiple and/or heavy bags.


Choosing the Right Vancouver Airport Transportation


For trips in and out of the airport, you have two viable options for ground transportation. The first is to use a Vancouver airport shuttle and the second, a limo service in Vancouver. Either way, you enjoy professional, affordable, safe, and convenient transportation to reach your destination.

Posted on Jan 20 2016

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