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5 Tips on How To Survive Your Next Conference Networking Opportunity

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While events can be fun, to get some real quality networking done can be a challenge. It’s hard to strike up a conversation with a new and intimidating stranger, particularly when there’s someone you know already standing on the other side of the room. This week’s post give you a few pointers to ensure you get through your next networking opportunity in the most productive manner possible.


You are only networking to achieve a goal, not for its own sake. So you need to make a plan about how you’re going to achieve all these goals. You will be able to find a list of who is coming and then you can plan who your need to meet. This means that you’ll not be aimlessly making conversation with people with no ulterior motive; you’ll be furthering your own ends.


Once you know who you want to connect with, have a little look online about who they are, what they look like and what you’re maybe going to talk about. Remember that you will need to have something to offer a potential new contact, so don’t overlook this aspect and think up a few icebreakers. If all else fails you can try the sure fire “what did you think of the last speaker?”

Don’t limit yourself

To this point you’ve almost certainly looked at people similar to yourself. Successful individuals seldom limit themselves to people who won’t challenge them, so take the opportunity to discover people with totally different outlooks to yourself and connect to them.

Follow up

Once you broken the ice it’s important to follow up in the next few days to ensure that you don’t lose momentum. Perhaps offer to share your event notes or you own personal reflections.

We hope that this short insight is both useful and informative. We know that the event business is a demanding one and while, we cannot provide you with all the answers, we can offer you outstanding luxury ground transportation to support your events. Griffin Transportation offer guaranteed luxury, efficiency and a punctual arrival in Vancouver, BC or through our affiliates worldwide. We have one simple goal to provide the “Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction” to our many valued customers. We’d love for you to become one of our valued these; call us today to get the process started.

Posted on May 21 2014

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