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5 Travel Tips to Keep Employees Safe

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

Once the fall conference season begins, it's a certainty that many of your employees will be traveling to new cities and venues with the purpose of attending tradeshows and other industry events. To ensure your staff's health, safety and comfort while traveling, you can always turn to Griffin Transportation Services Inc. We provide our clients with a multitude of options to suit all of their ground transportation needs, all around the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days.

Below we listed some advice to always keep your employees safe and sound.



Try to be up to date regarding your employees’ travel schedule before, during and after an event and determine a method for tracking employee travel. You must know if they are attending any dinners or events outside their hotel or the conference site or if they want to go sightseeing. Also, it's important that your employees know who to contact about their travel issues or an emergency situation.



Advise your employees to previously inform themselves about the risks associated with the location they are visiting. It doesn't mean that you are aware of the risks just because you have traveled a lot or you have been to the respective place before. The probability of something happening to them is just the same as for any other traveler.



When traveling, it’s wise to book a contracted car service such as Griffin Transportation. We can ensure various services, such as Meeting Transportation for Corporate Events, Commercial Airport Transfers and Private Aviation Service, Meet and Greet Service. We always put your needs first, try to come up with the transportation solutions that match your objectives and always deliver the best value for your money. Regardless if you need transportation for a small group in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest or a group of 200 people, in London, Griffin Transportation surely has the knowledge, the vehicles and experience to always ensure successful outcomes.



Talk to your employees about the risks of using the internet while traveling. The latest surveys state that 38% of all known security breaches take place on hotel networks. Therefore, advise your employees to verify the security settings on their laptops and the other electronic devices they use, to refrain from the online activities that require providing personal information and also not to access personal accounts from a public workstation.



Before your employees take their business trips, make sure that your travel insurance policy provides appropriate accident, health and emergency response benefits for them. Be wise and choose a top ground transportation provider such as Griffin Transportation that focuses on its passenger’s safety, rather than choosing more common, yet underinsured, ride options.

The insurance level of our chauffeurs is compliant with the local laws and with the supplemental coverage solicited by Griffin Transportation. We also augment that coverage with our own extensive blanket policy to make sure that we can fully cover your needs and expenses, in the improbable event of an accident.

In case you are planning a conference this season, we recommend booking Griffin’s Meetings and Events Service. Be it a small meeting or a major convention, Griffin Transportation acknowledges that the ground transportation provided to guests often dictates the tone of the entire program and characterizes the value of an event.

We understand that providing your passengers with impeccable service and efficiency is paramount. Count on us to offer solutions that link the gap between the logistical aspects of your program and the delivery of an exceptional passenger experience.



Performing an analysis previous to the event, to maximize vehicle utilization to meet your budget

Integrated global transportation services for uncomplicatedly operated programs

Local vendor selection and contract negotiation to ensure you get the best value possible

Program planning, supervision and on-site coordination of all services

Arrival and departure services to make sure that you always give only exceptional first impressions


Don’t hesitate to use our event planner to design the entire meeting & event planning process. You just give us the main ideas for your event, and we will handle all the details!

Posted on Oct 25 2016

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