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5 Ways Events Go Wrong

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Corporate events are often high profile ‘cannot fail’ activities. While mostly great fun, they have many potential pitfalls that can catch out the unwary planner. At Griffin Transportation we’re passionate about supporting local events. Therefore, we offer you this advice to try and prevent your next event from getting derailed by the 5 most common problems.

1.              Wrong venue

A location may be wrong for a number of reasons; it can be impractical to get to, not in tune with the event’s goals or simply too big or small for what you’re trying to achieve. Traffic can play a role, if you choose somewhere on the other side of town from the airport and attendees must fight through traffic, it’s tantamount to taking 2 hours away from people.

2.              Wrong season

While the quiet season can be cheaper, getting the time of year wrong in relation to the activity is a sure route to failure. It’s not sensible to try and do something dependent on the weather unless you can be almost certain that you’ll get the weather you need. Nobody will play golf if it snows or rains, so don’t risk it.

3.              Wrong setting

As important as the location you choose, is the setting. It has to reinforce your goals and assist what you’re trying to achieve. A river view can be a great addition for something creative but check it’s not mosquito time. If you’re likely to have a serious discussion your attendees need to comfortably sit, here and concentrate. Events often fail when the ‘fun’ aspects of the setting get in the way of the important business at hand.

4.              Wrong financial calls

A sure fire, fail every time mistake to make is to get the budget wrong. You definitely need to keep a little back for unexpected situations. The other aspect of the financial choices you’re going to make are considering how things will appear to your attendees. It should not look like you're skimping.

5.              Wrong Ground Transportation

There’s no getting away from the fact that events will include plenty of travel. If this is not treated like part of the event it can go wrong. At Griffin Transportation we have a selection of the highest quality transportation options that are appropriate for every event. It may not be fun to be all split up on the way to an event, so why not get a stretched limousine? Once you’ve finished one activity, you may wish to have a few beverages on the way to the next, that’s possible and in real style, if you ask us. Give us a call today to see how we can make your event memorable - for the right reasons.

Posted on Apr 09 2014

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