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5 Ways to Stay Productive on a Business Trip

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Traveling for business reasons means being away from your workplace but also interrupting usual routine. It's pretty difficult to concentrate at work and be as efficient as usual when you’re not sleeping in your bed, eating the food you are used to or when you're not working at the same desk. You can fight the effect of jet lag, the fatigue caused by the numerous meetings you have planned and still have a productive trip, by following some easy steps to help you adjust. Below are some tips that businessmen gathered while traveling, such as quickly adapting, concentrating and doing great work no matter the circumstances.

Let Technology Be Your Assistant

While you are preparing for your journey, first determine which of your gadgets is the most useful while being away and try to pack accordingly. For example, decide if you must take your laptop with you or if choosing a smartphone or a tablet would be better. It depends on the goal that you have set for your trip if you'll carry a lighter or a heavier baggage with you.

Plan Everything

Even in the digital era, the long-time business plans of attack are still valid. Every person who travels extensively on business advises you to put a list together of the things you need to bring with you. Write everything down, from business attire and cosmetics to office supplies and battery chargers. It's important to have all this at hand when you need them, even far away from home. Also, frequent travelers bring a few things that remind them of home, ease their trip (a pillow, a favorite sweatshirt) and help them adjust quickly. Make sure to also put on your list any items needed in case of an emergency or a delay.

In case you’re checking a carry-on, don't hesitate to take a change of clothes, a makeup kit, and a toothbrush, or some makeup that you might need for your first day of work. We advise you to do your best to always arrange for a direct flight and not a connecting one. It is risky, and there are high chances to face a delay that can influence your mood, productivity, and your schedule.

Communicate to Your Office Before You Leave

One of the most challenging aspects while traveling for business reasons is to deal with your regular workload when your day-to- day activity doesn't resemble the normal routine. Try to plan ahead so that everything goes smoothly while you’re away. Before departing, convene all your project teams to give you status updates and go over any upcoming deadlines. Inform your team when they can reach you by phone or email, but also specify the moments when you are unavailable. Don't forget to set the out-of- office message that will include a contact person available for inquiries and set communication expectations.

Get Familiar with Your Destination

Even before leaving, investigate where you’ll be staying, where is the closest grocery store for buying some snacks or how far is the conference center. In an unfamiliar city, you will need someone to count on, so it's best to hire a professional ground transportation service.

Find Your Focus

As soon as you land and check in, try to establish the routine you need to optimize your time and comfort. Choose to unpack immediately to feel more organized or fill your mini-fridge with iced coffee. Just do anything that helps you adapt. If you're working from your hotel room, organize everything as if you were at your usual workspace: connect your laptop and your phone, access the Wi-Fi network, organize your files, and thoroughly arrange the office supplies you need. Finding this familiar setting, you'll be able to start working easier and faster the moment you enter the room, between meetings.

Your mind might be set on being productive, but at the end of the day you deserve some relaxation: pick a quiet dinner, a good book, make a phone call and talk to your loved ones back home or even meditate. Only by finding some time to unwind, you’ll feel energized, and you'll work more productively the next day. Also, it';s important to take advantage of the fact you’re traveling to new locations. Although your primary focus is on doing business, that doesn’t mean you can’t go sightseeing in your spare time. We consider Vancouver to be one of the most amazing and captivating cities in the world. Despite its young history (only 125 years old), there are many spectacular places and things that you must see. Griffin Transportation is there to help you admire all that';s worth admiring, whether you have a couple of hours or few days. For our clientele, we have designed tour packages that include the most memorable parts of Vancouver, but we also have custom tours that allow you to chose where you would prefer to spend your time.

Posted on Apr 26 2016

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