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5 Ways to Make Events Greener

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The corporate environment is becoming ever more environmentally aware; 47% of business traveler answering a recent survey by Timetric said they would rather stay in a green hotel, for example. Event Planners are looking for more ways to ensure that the events they stage are as environmentally responsible as possible. This is, most would argue, a very positive development but it adds strain to the already high stress job of an event planner. This post gives you a few pointers to make your event greener and cut the stress.

Greenest venue

You need to start by choosing a suitably and environmentally aware venue. In fact, this can be the single biggest factor in the damage your event could potentially do to the environment. By choosing a suitable venue we mean picking somewhere that is accessible and will not force attendees to travel too far if possible. Environmentally aware is different from venues that simply push their green credentials, although this is not a bad starting point. You need to find out what are the concrete measures they’re doing; do they for example have a policy that you can see, do they recycle everything possible and avoid non-recyclable materials?

Once you have your green venue, you need to ensure that you stage an event in a way that is as sustainable as possible. Before embarking on an extensive program of purchasing materials see if you have access to anything that can be re-used from a previous event. When it comes to purchase of actual materials to support an event, give thought to the environmental aspects. You may be able to spend a little more and get a product that can be re-used by you or your attendees for years to come. The classic example is a glass verses a plastic cup.

Green Practices

If you can’t practically purchase items for re-use then make sure they’re recyclable. Paper is a great alternative to some plastics, for example. You also need to ensure that these products can be recycled. This could be a simple as asking attendees to leave their name badges in a clearly marked area on as they depart.

Green Transport

When choosing catering providers, local options will often be greener, particularly if they source their products locally. If you can minimize the amount of energy expended to transport goods you’ll be reducing the damage done

A green transport plan does not mean that everyone has to cycle from the airport. With good planning you can ensure that groups are met by larger transport options such as mini busses and luxury coaches, which will significantly reduce the amount of energy used.

We can help you put together a green transport plan. Griffin Transportation is a Vancouver, BC, based company that aims to provide: The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. With Griffin you can rest assured that our expert staff can provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your green needs not just locally but, through our carefully selected affiliates, worldwide.

Posted on Dec 02 2013

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