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6 Productivity Myths You Need to Avoid

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An executive always has a lot of things to take care of, among them being the constant preoccupation to increase productivity. If you are pursuing this goal, you should pay attention to these productivity myths that are holding you back.

The general belief is that being productive is the key to your success as an executive. In the modern age of technology, our everyday struggle is to do more and more, in less time. Having this goal in mind, you begin to read self-help books or use software to help you manage your time more efficiently and find more hours each day. But how do you know that your beliefs about productivity are true?

Here is a list of the six most popular productivity myths you need to refrain from believing. These widespread beliefs are holding you back from being as productive as you can be. We help you face the truth today and save you time and energy on strategies that aren’t really helpful in accomplishing your goals.


Myth 1: Waking Up Early Will Make You More Productive

There's a famous saying that “the early bird gets the worm,” but this doesn't apply to us, as humans aren't similar to birds. Some people may work well in the morning, but others perform best late at night. So, while people's energy starts to decline around noon, others are just getting warmed up. You'll really start being productive once you finally understand the timeframe in which you do your best work. The next logical step is to use this information and do critical work during those periods. There are also circumstances that you'll have to deal with and work around (for example, clients in different time zones, office hours), but by knowing when you can deliver your best performance, you will be able to organize your day accordingly.


Myth 2: Jumping Right into Your Work Will Help You Get More Done

You should know that it isn't very wise to rush into the first project as soon as you sit down to work. You might end up realizing that the day is over, that you haven’t completed or even worse, didn't even started the key tasks. So, don't hurry into checking items off of your to-do list but, instead, begin working only after designing a plan. Therefore, start by identifying essential tasks and decide in detail how to assign your work time. Although this procedure will take some time, at least you'll be prepared for the day’s challenges, and it will keep you focused, saving plenty of time in the long run.


Myth 3: Keep Working Until You Finish a Task or You Never Will

Sometimes, it's best to switch tasks when you get stuck while being in the middle of a project. Don't stress yourself pointless and try to find a safe stopping point in your current task. When you identify it, move to something else that needs to be crossed off of your to-do list before returning to the previous task. So, when you find yourself overwhelmed by the technicality of data entry or analysis, divert your attention to being socially productive and have a conversation with a colleague or reply to an important email. By exploiting different parts of your brain even for a little bit of time, you will surprisingly discover that you feel revigorated when you resume the original task. The result is that you will be able to complete the difficult task faster and more efficiently.


Myth 4: Taking a Break Is a Waste of Precious Time

We know what's the general opinion about people who take breaks or time off. You are concerned not to seem lazy or to waste time, but you should consider the fact that taking a break is sometimes how you best use your time. Allow yourself to daydream or relax, and you'll see that this self-allowed mental break is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your productivity. It’s even better to be active and choose to go for a walk around the block or simply across the office to get your blood flowing, improve your health, and get energized.


Myth 5: Working Longer Hours Means You Get More Accomplished

A true executive respects deadlines and therefore, sometimes,  he accepts the fact that he must work overtime to match them. But very often, this doesn't help because you aren't nearly as productive, in the eleventh hour of work, as you were at the beginning of your work day. Therefore, try not to make it a habit of working long hours on a daily basis. You do your best work when your life is in the balance, and your body is rested. So, doing over time much too often is simply not sustainable. You can observe that at first, you will get many things done, but along the way, your energy will begin to decrease alarmingly. Once those stores of energy are depleted (and this will happen quite soon), you will complete fewer tasks in twelve hours than you could do in eight if you were rested.


Myth 6: The Most Productive Work Happens at a Desk

The technological discoveries and improvements give us greater freedom in deciding when and where we do our work. But many supervisors contradict this argument and support the idea that you can accomplish your tasks only by being at your workplace. This it’s simply not true. Some of us may work better, traditionally, at a desk, but that doesn't apply to everyone. Sometimes, an unusual space, like a coffee shop or the beach can be perfect work environments to some people and increase their productivity. So, we advise you to find out which is your ideal work environment and create it to be truly productive.

Although people might give you advice, there's no general recipe applicable to everybody to increase productivity. Nonetheless, avoiding these common myths is a good first step.

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Posted on Aug 09 2016

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