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7 Ways to Ensure That a Meeting is Worthwhile

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How many of us have wasted time in pointless meetings? You know the sort, where the discussion goes round and round; no decisions get made and you all lose time. To try and prevent the meetings that you lead degenerating into this sort of a pointless waste of time this week’s post gives you 7 simple tips to ensure that you remain on track.

1.            Clarify why you’re all there

This should be simple if you’ve called the meeting. You should be able to say “at the end of this meeting we need to do/decide….X. What’s more, this needs to be the first thing that you communicate when you start your meeting.

2.            Set an agenda

To answer the question posed above you need a plan. This is the agenda; think about it, communicate it and stick to it.

3.            The right attendance

To make the plan work you need a number of people empowered to make decisions or express opinions at your meeting. You do not need any one else. Keep attendance down and you’ll almost certainly reduce the people wasting time, or worse still distracting others who need to concentrate.

4.            Tell people what’s preparation is required

Ensuring that all those who’ve attended have done the requisite preparatory work is key. If you need information to make a decision, or must read in to a new topic, there is no point calling a meeting to discuss it until you have accomplished this pre-requisite.

5.            Make it optional

If meetings are optional only the people that really need to be there, will be there. Similarly, the less than committed will not be tempted to show up and disrupt.

6.            “Mine for conflict”

A certain level of tension is productive in a meeting. People need to disagree and express opinions for healthy debate to take place. You cannot allow group think or conflict aversion to seep in to you meeting climate.

7.            Finish early

If you finish early but don’t tell people you’re going to do this, you’re likely to be held in a higher regard by your colleagues and will ensure that next time people are more likely to attend and participate fully.

We know that you’re a busy high achiever and we hope that this short post gives you a few ideas to make your meetings more productive. Griffin Transportation is a Chauffeur Service based in Vancouver, BC, who aims to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. With Griffin you can rest assured that we will provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your needs not just locally but, through our carefully selected affiliates, worldwide. Call us today for your corporate travel needs.

Posted on Dec 10 2013

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