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7 Ways to Prevent Last-minute Hiccups

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For most event planning professionals, the buzz and vibe surrounding all the parallel challenges of staging a great event is a real thrill. There is another feeling however: “oh, no”; that reaction when you’ve forgotten something major and there is now way that improvisation can pull you out of the fire. This post lists some common hiccups with some great ways to avoid them

Long lines.

Long lines could indicate that you’ve created an amazing buzz around the event but they could also be the result of a poorly thought registration procedure. Head of this challenge by encouraging mobile registration apps.

Lack of portable credit card processors

The big key pad processor cum paperweight still seems to be very much a part of some events. They cost money to hire, arguably, look ugly and are normally present in limited numbers. You can win on both the cost and numbers fronts by downloading a mobile alternative.

Strained wireless networks

It’s a sign of real failure if the Wi-Fi falls over during your event. If you’re relying on a mobile-tech enabled event and don’t give thought to the requirement of all those devices your encouraging people to bring, you’re setting yourself up to fail. The simple solution is to bring your own wireless network if you’re worried about capacity.

Last-minute cancellations

If last-minute cancellations ruin all of your calculations and lead to a ‘half-empty’ feel you’re going to look a little foolish. You can consider encouraging early registrations by offering discounts and seeking to court those who’ve already registered through your ongoing social media campaign.

Social media slating

Despite all your hard work, someone posts something really damaging and your event is perceived through this false or minority view. By sharing just one hashtag, you’ll keep the negative comments more than outweighed by the good ones.

Transportation disasters

There is an enormous line of bored people after your event, who only remember the awful wait and have forgotten the legendary event. You can mitigate this with some entertainment but are best advised to get a professional ground transportation company in to help with this aspect of event management.

We can help you avoid this hiccup and offer outstanding levels of chauffeured transport, not just in our home base of Vancouver, B.C. and neighboring Seattle but, through our affiliates, worldwide. If you think you could do with a better, more efficient and punctual ground transportation service, you should look no further than Griffin Transportation.  With Griffin, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the very best possible service, tailored to your needs, we always aim to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. Call us today.

Posted on Jan 13 2014

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