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7 Ways to Work Anywhere

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The days of being stuck in an office in order to be productive are long gone. Thanks to modern technology, you can work from virtually anywhere. For example, if you have a company in Vancouver, you can use a smartphone, iPad, tablet, or laptop to conduct business at home, from the hotel room, at the airport, while in a meeting, or even as the passenger in a Seattle limousine.


Freedom to Work

By working from anywhere, you can take a more hands-on approach to growing the business. Remember, whether in a Vancouver limo, hotel, or restaurant, the goal is to be efficient and effective.


  1. Schedule Sharing—Prior to leaving on a trip, create a schedule that is shared with people who might need to reach you. This makes you more accessible, and also keeps meetings organized among various parties.

  1. Xero Accounts—This brilliant package allows you access to business accounts from literally anywhere and at any time. For instance, you can quickly get critical client information prior to a meeting or late-night dinner.

  1. Google Docs—Working remotely allows you to be effective while traveling. There will be times that you need to look over a contract, approve expenses, pull up a presentation, review a letter, and so on. When you use Google docs, anything created and stored on the cloud program can be accessed from any remote location, even the back of a Seattle limousine.

  1. Maintain Focus—To work effectively from anywhere, you need to adopt the right mindset. Obviously, you want to enjoy the scenery during your travels, but you also need to remain focused. Unfortunately, businesses have failed because of owners becoming too enthralled with the environment,as opposed to work. You certainly want to enjoy the different places that you go, but always put your business schedule first.

  1. Mobile Apps—Mobile apps are often lifesavers when you’re traveling on business. Today, literally thousands of apps exist. Spend time looking at different options for staying better organized, communicating, storing documents, and sharing documents, images, and videos.

  1. Live Chat—Staying in touch with the office while away on business is essential. Using SnapChat, Skype, FaceTime, or another similar program, you can have real-time conversations from anywhere.

  1. Payment Processing—If you need to accept customer payments while miles away from the office, you can. In this case, consider the services of a payment processing company for taking payments quickly, easily, and seamlessly.


Reputable Ground Transportation


Along with the perks of travel, you’ll find many challenges. Thanks to modern technology, you can run any size company successfully no matter where you are. At the same time, you can make an impression on an existing or potential client, get to the airport or important meetings on-time, and enjoy some of the sights by hiring a reputable Seattle limo or Vancouver limo service.

Posted on Mar 08 2016

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