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Become a Travel Expert with this Nifty Guide

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It’s entirely possible to become a travel expert overnight (literally). All you have to do is scour the Internet for guides and read up. Then again, it’s a lot to digest, and you only need the most basic tips to get started with. Since there are lots of ways to speed up and enhance your travel experience, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling them into this nifty guide:


Get Your Travel Insurance Sorted Out

We’re definitely not superheroes. That being said, that logically means that we can suffer from injuries and illnesses which require more financial resources. While traveling in a foreign country, there’s no assurance that things will go smoothly. Instead of despairing over luggage theft and accidents, the prudent way to go about this would be to get yourself a reliable travel insurance.


Always Carry a Water Bottle

It’s easy to get excited and overwhelmed by the sights and sounds around you that you actually forget to be thirsty. This is especially important in hot or tropical climates as the weather and lack of water can culminate in dehydration or heatstroke. If you care about the environment, remember to bring a refillable bottle instead.


Scan All Important Documents

It was a lot more difficult to carry duplicate copies of our important documents in the past, but with technology, things are improving greatly. Why not scan or take a photo of your important paperwork before going on your travels? Even if you lose or misplace your documents, you’ll at least have a digital solution to prove your identity and purchases.


Get Out of the Main Tourist Areas

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the well-traveled road, but it can do you a world of good to get off every once in a while, and discover what awaits you several blocks down instead. Certain tourist areas are a must see (e.g. Angkor Wat in Cambodia), but because merchants know this fact too, the price of merchandises can be downright expensive. If you want to get a better deal, you really are better off searching a little further.


Do a Flight Check-In

 Familiar with long lines at the airport? Instead of standing in line to check-in and collect your boarding pass, there’s a much easier way these days. Just check-into your flight online in the comfort of your own home and print out the boarding pass totally free of charge. If you want to save the environment, you can also use the digital copy of your pass instead.


Getting Reliable Transport

It’s really easy to miss the bus or train in a foreign country when you’re uncertain of the roads and traffic situation. In fact, your whole itinerary can be thrown off balance with just one delay. Why not rely on a travel agency or concierge instead? Not only are they experts in the area, they’ll also be able to provide you with a mode of transport that’s suitable to your requirements and preferences.

Our Vancouver ground transportation service has been in business for several years and is continuing to provide top-notch service for both new and returning customers. If you’re ever in the area and in need or want of a reliable mode of transport, just reach out to us with a phone call or book our services online.

Posted on Apr 24 2018

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