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Begin the New Year Positively with These Amazing Tips

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First, it was Thanksgiving. Then, Christmas rolled around. Now that 2019 has landed right in your sights, it’s time to bring about the inevitable list of new year resolutions you’re looking forward to (hopefully!) and face it head-on. However, it’s understandable that some of us might be feeling a little intimidated or fearful of things to come, but the question you should really be focusing on isn’t so much cantered on the resolutions themselves but on what “you” can do about it.

At our Vancouver car service, we continuously strive to provide our customers with top-notch service, and to us, that means building on the foundation of having the right attitude and mindset in order to provide the best limo Vancouver tourists and residents can rely on. Our reliable chauffeurs are not only the best drivers on the road, they’re also constantly reminded to put customers first. We love meeting new people and seeing the smiles of satisfaction on their faces, and because we understand the importance of thinking and staying positive at any time, we want you to be inspired too:  

1. Be Thankful

This is something everyone can do and should make a habit of. In fact, it’s more than just feeling thankful for things in your life. It also helps us to see what’s truly important and just how blessed we are. If you’re just starting, you can always make do with listing down one thing a day that you’re thankful for. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be surprised at just how many good things you can actually think of every single day.

2. Follow the One-a-Day Principle

Ever had the thought that you just can’t please everyone? Well, you’ll be right, and the thing is, you shouldn’t be focusing on everyone to begin with. We’re often told to do good and put others first, but when that means we start to neglect ourselves in the process, the inevitable burnout gets more and more real. Why not focus your attention on just one person a day? You’ll still get to spread joy and goodwill all around, and you’ll do so without feeling pressured and stressed out.

3. Spend Time with Family

Work and responsibilities do take up the bulk of our time, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from spending meaningful time with our loved ones. By family, we don’t just mean literal family members; we’re also referring to anyone with whom you love spending time with. This year, do remember to carve out enough time to spend with others. You’ll be amazed at just how refreshed and energized you feel when your priorities are set straight in life.

4. Learn to Slow Down

Speeding ahead in life is a lot easier than you think, but if you just stop to reflect and ponder, you’ll discover that you might have been heading in a different direction than you initially intended. The key for 2019 is to focus on starting right instead of gathering all your energy for a full burst of speed. Once you’re on the right lane, there’s plenty of time to unleash all that stored up energy on heading in the right direction.

5. Say “Yes” Instead of “No”

It can sometimes be hard to say “yes” when we instinctively want to say “no”. However, we do need to consider our reasons for declining to assess our own mindset and well-being. Are we saying “no” out of a need to rest, or are we instead seeking to avoid something? If you’re looking for more opportunities this coming year, it’s always a good thing to carefully consider your options before putting a firm “no” to it.

Posted on Jan 08 2019

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