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Best Practices: Logistics of Large Meetings and Events

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Whether you are organizing the logistics of a large meeting or event on your own or hiring a professional company to assist, there are important considerations. By making the right decisions, the meeting/event has a better chance of going off without a hitch. To ensure you have the logistics down for your next big meeting or event, consider the following.


The biggest thing you need to arrange is the actual facility where the meeting or event will take place. Because of conflicting schedules and other factors, you want to start searching for the facility at least six months out, if possible. For larger events and certain times of year, you may need to schedule the facility even further out. Some possibilities include:

  • Hotels and Resorts – Typically, hotels and resorts are set up to handle large meetings and events. Because of this, business equipment, accommodations, and catering are provided. 

  • Colleges and Universities – You might also consider having the meeting/event at a local college or university. Usually, this is a more affordable solution, but there could be issues with scheduling and there is a good chance you will need catering brought in from the outside.

  • Large Corporations and Firms – Today, many large corporations and professional firms rent out boardrooms and auditoriums to other companies. Compared to hotels, this might be a more cost-effective option. However, depending on the corporation or firm, catering from the outside may be your only option. 

Facility Requirements

When working on logistics for  large meetings and events, any facility of interest will need to meet specific requirements. Listed below are some things to consider.

  • Space – Obviously, you need a firm headcount of attendees to ensure the facility can accommodate. As part of this, check for adequate seating. For a lecture-style presentation, theater seating usually works best, but for an interactive-type workshop, the recommendation is classroom-style seating. 

  • Additional Space – In addition to space for the actual meeting or event, you will require extra space where people check in upon arrival, go through the registration or orientation process, have lunch, and network with other people in attendance.

  • Technology – You also need a facility that is technology ready. This includes fast Wi-Fi, whiteboard capability, video conferencing equipment, speakers, phones, a projector, and so on. Also, make sure the facility offers tech support. If not, you will need to bring in a specialist just in case something goes wrong.

Reaching Your Destination

Planning the logistics of a large meeting or event is stressful. To take the edge off, you can lean on a reputable limousine company for transportation. That way, you have the opportunity to conduct work and firm up planning while the chauffeur handles the road.

Posted on Sep 30 2015

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