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From Business Class to Business Meeting: How to Look Fresh After a Flight

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There is no way to escape of business travel because it's a is an indispensable part of our lives. And it can be pretty hard to come up with ways to enjoy it. And what's to like when you rush through airport security, when you struggle to find a method of transportation once your plane lands and then juggle through stressful and tiresome business meetings? Therefore, business travel is often synonymous with stress. Many business travelers complain that, while being on this kind of trip, they don't have time to reinvigorate and rest a little bit after a long and exhausting flight. It's never recommended going straight to a meeting with your hair in disorder or red, tired eyes. We've come up with a list of easy tips to take care of your looks after a flight, so you can walk into your meeting feeling confident and proud of your appearance.

Find a Great Travel Toothbrush

Don't forget to brush your teeth before an important meeting. A clean smile and fresh breath are essential when you present yourself to your colleagues or business partners. But when you're in a hurry you don't have the time and desire to go thorough mouth cleaning using your unhandy electric toothbrush, then the floss, the tongue cleaner, and finally the mouthwash. Therefore, find a great, light travel toothbrush that can help you get presentable in less time; even if you don't have 15 minutes at your disposal for your oral hygiene normal ritual, you can still have a clean, comfortable smile.

Have a Great Hair Day

It's even harder for female business travelers to have great looking hair after a long flight. To get a professional and presentable look in such a short time, think about having an emergency kit, with enough products to help refresh yourself. An Emergency Kit: Maybe you know how or simply don’t have time to organize all the products that you might need to spruce up, before heading to your meetings. But here's the answer to your problems: “mini emergency kits.” These kits contain items like a needle and thread, hairspray, a nail file, ibuprofen, lip balm, double-sided tape and even stain-removing wipes. Having one guarantees you’ll look sharp in no time.

Choose Versatile Clothing

Think about the fact that you have to look professional and presentable at your meeting, but also feel comfortable during your flight. If it’s a long flight, we advise you to leave your blazer folded into your carry-on until it's time to use it. Another dilemma is how not to arrive at your meeting with a wrinkled skirt or pants that lost their shape due to hours spent sitting on a plane. Think about investing in special business clothing made of rayon or lyocell, fabrics that don't get wrinkled are quite comfortable fabrics. If you're carrying a garment bag with you, ask the flight attendants if they could hang it in a closet to keep your office clothing look perfectly ironed. If possible, change in the airplane bathroom before the plane lands. Business travel is a difficult aspect of our lives, but you can be productive and look your best in a matter of minutes, by having the right products and the right advice at hand.

Business Travel Shouldn’t Prevent You from Looking your Best.

If you are rushing to a business meeting, we believe that you don’t need to stress about your transportation service. When in need of a professional car service in Vancouver, B.C., we are your best option. We always make sure you get the best possible service, specially designed to meet your needs. Griffin Transportation concentrates on providing: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service, and Satisfaction”. Give us a call today for a no-obligation discussion about the services we can offer.

Posted on Apr 05 2016

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