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Business Travel Tips: The Secret to Staying in Shape on the Road

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While staying in shape on the road when you have business travel may not seem like a difficult task, in reality you have to remain dedicated and focused to succeed. Otherwise, getting off track is easy. However, by following a few tips, you can stay in shape and very possibly get in better shape than before you started traveling.

Tips for Staying in Shape

One of the biggest challenges on the road is a lack of time. Especially when traveling for business, between ongoing meetings and client entertainment, you have little time left. However, you can stay in shape with just 30 minutes of exercise. The key is choosing the right type of exercises and being consistent.

  • Hotel Accommodations – Your hotel choice plays an important role. Choose hotel accommodations that include a fitness center or workout room or is at least one relatively close to a gym. You also can select a hotel close to where business meetings are held so you can walk to work and then, with a quick change of clothes, jog back to the hotel after work.

  • Food and Beverages – Be sure that you consume and drink the right things. Most restaurants offer an impressive menu of delicious and healthy food choices. As for beverages, stick with water or unsweetened tea as opposed to drinking soda or alcohol.

  • Suitcase Items – You can pack small items for working out in your hotel room. For instance, inflatable balls, stretch bands, exercise DVDs, and other similar items will help you stay in shape while on the road. Of course, take along a good pair of tennis shoes.

  • Healthy Snack Choices – You also need to have healthy snacks on hand. Put things like pretzels, nuts, granola, and dried fruits and vegetables in a small plastic bag, perfect for between meetings, waiting on a flight, or riding in a limousine.

  • Proper Rest – When you are overly tired, you put yourself at risk for making poor decisions. For example, when tired, you may not take the time to find a restaurant with healthy menu choices, opting instead for junk food at a nearby fast food restaurant or something out of a vending machine. 

Getting Around

Although walking and other exercise is important for staying in shape while on the road, sometimes using a limousine for ground transportation makes perfect sense. By having a chauffeur, you can be driven to local parks, hiking trails, or fitness facilities. However, a limo ride also allows you to catch your breath after a long day so you have adequate energy to put in a good workout.

Posted on Oct 10 2015

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