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Business Trip Again? Tips for Preparing the Kids for your Absence

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Every parent has a hard time leaving his children at home to go on a business trip. But here are some tips to prepare them for your absence.

Of course, it's easier to travel for business reasons when you are single, and no other human being depends on you. You have the chance to visit lots of interesting countries, to meet new people, to experience different cultures and through this, build your career. You might get tired of so much traveling, at some point, but in general, traveling, be it for business or tourism, is quite entertaining.

Things become complicated when you are a parent, and you have to leave your kid or even kids behind, at home, when traveling for business. An adult understands the necessity to go on the respective business trip, but for a child, it’s pretty difficult to understand that. You don't have the luxury to refuse because you realize that you have to work for their future and provide everything they need. But you must understand that this constant traveling affects them more than it might affect you.

Let us help you by providing some advice to diminish the negative effects of your absence. These tips can prevent hurting your children's hearts irremediably and stimulate a stronger connection between you and them. As a result, you'll be more productive during your business trips as you’ll no longer need to worry about them constantly.



The best advice is to make an effort and maintain a close connection with them during the whole day. Nowadays, the technological development allows you to do so. There are plenty of video chat apps that help bridge the gap and make the children feel like you are by their side. Even if your child is too little to speak, the app will give him/her the possibility to see you and to feel happy and safe once he/she’ll recognize your face.

If your kid is a little bit older, choosing to play remote games together is a great way to spend some enjoyable time even while being far away.



Another thoughtful idea is to leave some surprises under their pillow or in their school bags! The next step is to call them and ask if they've found your surprise. This helps them cheer up and think that you still think about them even if you are away.

Why don't you think of a little "trick": ask them to borrow you one of their favorite belongings to take with you mentioning that the item will remind you of them whenever you miss them.

In return, decide which one of your favorite things to let them use while you're away. Think of your mug, a favorite t-shirt, a pen or even your desk. This will give them the feeling of closeness while also making themselves feel more important.

We bet you never forget this, but we advise you to anyway: bring fascinating souvenirs for them from your trip.

Also, try to do something together even while you are away. As much as possible, maintain your daily routine. You can continue reading your children bedtime stories with the help of the video chat apps, or you can record your voice previously if the internet connection is problematic or absent. Make them happy by having the possibility to fall asleep while listening to your voice again, as if you were present.

Before leaving for your business trip, determine what you'll do together once you return and make sure to keep your word. Never promise something that you know you'll never do

because you'll only upset them and cause disappointment. As soon as you come back home, try to spend some time together. Your children may feel the need to talk to you about the things that happened to them while you were away. It will be quite a blow if you reject them by saying that you are too tired or busy.

Think of a collection to start that contains items you can bring from each country that you visit. There are plenty of choices, like magnets, key rings or whatever else they prefer and make them responsible for keeping and taking care of this collection. They will be excited about your next travel thinking of the items you'll bring!



Announce them about every detail of your trip: where you go, when, why you have to make that trip, where you will stay and when you will return home. Even show them on the map where you are going and give them some information about your destination. It will interest them.



Promise to give them a phone call as soon as you arrive at your destination and make sure you do it.

In case you have to travel far away or stay long, consider the option of taking your family with you if this is possible. It may turn into a great vacation!

If your trip overlaps special days like graduation or birthdays, it is best to try postponing or even canceling your travel and be with your children. They are always more important than your job. Also, think of the fact that these are once in a lifetime events and your kids tend not to forget your absence and the pain caused. If you really must go, you should send them some special presents or a postcard to be delivered on that very day.

Try to kiss them goodbye when you are all eating together for example, instead of right before going to bed as that is when they feel lonely the most, and so it’s not a perfect timing to say goodbye.

The Griffin Transportation's purpose is clearly outlined: “we will provide our clients with the exceptional global ground transportation services they need to be in charge of their hectic and complicated lives.” You ask yourself what does that mean? It means that you will be driven to your destination while you have the possibility to spend a few minutes on the phone with your loved ones back home.

Our chauffeur will take care of every detail, starting with the driving, the parking and everything in between. All you have to do is make sure to call home and take care of business.

Our motto is more than simple marketing. You can count on us for every single ride you take because: We provide Exceptional Service. Exceptional People. Exceptional Value. Anytime.

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Posted on Oct 11 2016

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