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Chauffeur Advice: Get Better Mileage in Your Car

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Although you can get advice from multiple sources pertaining to cars, you can always rely on information provided by chauffeurs of a reputable Seattle or Vancouver limousine service. After all, this type of professional deals with a variety of different cars and spends countless hours on the road every day.


To save money, a Seattle limo company chauffeur makes very calculated decisions. Those same decisions are now being passed on to you so that you can also spend less on fuel.


Improving Fuel Efficiency


Currently, fuel costs are relatively low throughout the country. However, there has been a $.30 increase in the past several weeks, which is expected to climb even higher by summer. To improve your car’s fuel efficiency, consider some of the tips provided by top chauffeurs driving various types of Seattle limos.


  • Tire Inflation—Make sure that all four tires on your vehicle are properly inflated. Each month, tires lose roughly one PSI. Over time, that equates to an increase in fuel consumption by about 3 percent. Proper inflation will also prevent uneven tread wear and thereby extending the life of the tires.


  • Engine Tune-up—As top chauffeurs of Griffin Transportation explain, when the engine of your car is properly tuned, you benefit from maximum power and enhanced fuel efficiency.


  • Air Filter—When having your car serviced, be sure the technician checks the air filter. When the filter becomes dirty and clogged, problems arise that include an engine that stalls and poor fuel economy.


  • Fuel Filter—Every manufacturer has a recommended schedule for the replacement of the fuel filter. Following this recommendation, your car will run better and you will spend less at the gas pump.


  • Weight of the Vehicle—If you are in the market for a new car, strongly consider the lightest vehicle that can still provide the level of service needed. Now, if you already own a car, think about things that do not need to be hauled. For instance, if you have a mini-van with a row of seats not being used, put them in storage. According to chauffeurs of Vancouver limo companies, you will see an increase in fuel consumption up to 2 percent for every 100 pounds of weight eliminated.


Depending on the Best


If you drive, each of the suggestions will reduce the amount of fuel that your car consumes. However, another way to save money is by hiring the services of a Seattle limo company. In addition to being cost-efficient, using a limo is a great way to arrive in comfort and style.

Posted on Apr 19 2016

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