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Chauffeur Advice: Prepare a Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

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Recent snow storms and flooding across the country show just how important it is to have a winter survival kit in your car. For those times when you prefer to drive as opposed to using a Seattle limousine service, you need to be prepared for anything when driving during harsh winter months.


Being Prepared


Especially when living a part of the country that typically gets hit hard with bad winter weather, you should be prepared by having your vehicle serviced. Something as simple as using the right mixture of antifreeze and no-freeze windshield wiper fluid, ensuring correct tire pressure, and having the oil changed on schedule will go a long way towardpreventing breakdowns.


As part of you’re maintenance, have your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic for battery charge, brakes and brake fluid level, and emergency flashers. In addition, be sure to keep the tank filled with fuel at all times. However, you also need an actual kit in case you get stranded in a storm.


  • Jumper Cables—Purchase the right type and length


  • Flashlight—Although an incandescent flashlight is usually brighter, an LED flashlight will last longer and continue operating even when battery power depletes, and you never have to worry about a bulb.


  • Full-Size Spare—While carrying a full-size spare is not always an option, you should whenever possible, since itis a much better solution than a donut-type tire when driving in bad weather.


  • Tool Kit—You should invest in a basic tool kit that includes different head screwdrivers, tire pressure gauge, spare fuses, electrical and duct tape, hammer, folding or full-size shovel, and wrench with different size sockets.


  • Fire Extinguisher—Another great item for your winter survival kit is a fire extinguisher designed specifically for an automobile. In the event of a fire, you have a quick and safe way to respond. For this, you can choose from two different chemical configurations, each formulated for specific type fires.


  • Emergency Signals—To alert other traffic and send out a distress signal if you’re stranded or in an accident, be sure to keep emergency signaling in your car. One of the most dependable options is road flares. In addition to lighting easily, flares last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.


  • Food and Water—Because you never know when something will happen, make sure your survival kit contains bottled water and non-perishable food like crackers, nuts, granola bars, and beef or turkey jerky.


  • Conveniences—Even everyday conveniences help save lives. While toilet paper is more of a necessity, things like extra clothing, waterproof gloves and boots, and plenty of blankets will keep you warm during an emergency.


Depending on a Seattle or Vancouver Limo Service


Vancouver and Seattle limos are already prepared, so if you stress when driving in bad weather, you can always leave road challenges to a professional chauffeur.

Posted on Feb 02 2016

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