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How to choose the right limo service

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It’s always exciting to book an upcoming vacation, but it’s not always so exciting when you’re bogged down by details. Finding the perfect hotel, the right flights, and choosing what you’ll wear is stressful enough without wondering if you’ve chosen the right limo service. It’s not always as easy as finding the lowest price and booking your ride. There’s a fine line of details you mustn’t forget when booking the right service. Let us help you make wiser, more informed transportation decisions.

Ask Around

Do you know someone in the city you’re booking service in? If you do, it’s a wonderful time to ask for recommendations for service. Word of mouth is one of our favorite ways to find new places, new services, and new businesses to utilize because people love to recommend something that’s been really good to them. If you want to find the perfect limo service, ask around.

Check Safety Ratings

When hiring a limo service in Vancouver, we recommend you ask a few questions about safety. Our professional chauffeurs work hard to keep your safe, and we are highly trained to do our job. When it’s time to book a service, call to check on our insurance, our safety rating, and to discuss any other concerns you might have regarding your own personal safety when you’re in one of our vehicles. A limo service unwilling to share this information with you is one with something to hide.

Consider the Cost

Cost is an important factor to consider when hiring a limo service, but it’s not the only one. The cost should be affordable, but it shouldn’t be the cheapest by far. If there’s a serious discrepancy between the average price and the price of one company, ask yourself why that company might be priced so much lower than every other limo service in the area. It’s often a red flag.

Ask for References

If you don’t know someone personally, ask the company for a list of references and then call. You can ask past customers what they love, what they think, and what they recommend you do in terms of hiring a limo service. You want the best of the best, which is why asking around is one of the wisest things you can do when you’re given a list of references. They’re probably all good, but they’re probably all willing to discuss their least favorite part of a service just as much as they are their favorite part.

One of the best ways to make travel less stressful and more enjoyable is to hire a private transportation service. You no longer need to worry about finding a ride, renting a car, and navigating roads you aren’t familiar with. It’s your turn to sit back and relax while someone else takes the wheel, which is why we only hire professional chauffeurs with ample experience. Let our Vancouver car service make your trip less stressful and more fun.

Posted on Jul 11 2017

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