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Choosing the Right Limo Service: Questions to Ask

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When looking for a limousine service, you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed. There are countless services available, but not all of them are cut out of the same cloth. There can be a tremendous variety in amenities, services and safety. Before making a decision, ask the following questions.

How Large is Your Fleet?

Ask the limousine service how many cars they have and how old the cars are. This is an excellent way to determine how big the operation really is. If they only have two or three cars, it's going to be difficult to schedule with them sometimes. If their fleet is larger but older, you may have some transportation issues but the costs may be lower.

How Many Accidents Have You Had in the Past 10 Years?

Asking about the quantity of accidents is a good way to get a baseline for how safe the limousine service is. Different places have more or less accidents than others--New York City limos will have been in more accidents than Vancouver limos--so you want to compare the answer to other similar services. As a follow up, ask how serious the accidents were and how they were handled

What Services Set You Apart From Your Competitors?

This is a good chance for your prospective limousine service to really sell themselves to you. Most services have something that they pride themselves on, whether it be additional amenities on-board, newer cars or the lowest prices. If a limo service's flagship selling point isn't as good as its competitors, you will be able to make your decision with ease.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

This is a question you should be asking virtually any service provider; the last thing you want is to be surprised when you get your final bill. Make sure that you get quotes that include everything, including taxes and mileage charges.

Don't just go with the first or cheapest bidder. Doing a little work to find the best limousine service is worthwhile; once you develop a relationship with the limo service you'll be able to easily arrange your transportation with predictable costs.

Griffin Transportation has provided the finest quality limousine and ground transportation service in the Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler and Victoria airport shuttle, Victoria area, and worldwide for over 15 years.  We provide executive and corporate travel, personal travel and also groups and meetings transportation. Call us today to speak with one of our expert transportation customer service representatives today.

Posted on Jul 02 2014

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