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Common Misconceptions about Using Private Planes

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There are various ways to make your travel a one of a kind experience and traveling with private jets is definitely one of them. However, even though jets give us a very comfortable and relaxing travel experience, many would not consider private aircraft as an option. This is the result of many misconceptions and myths about private jet travel that have developed over time. As you will see, not all myths are true!

Private jets are for rich people only

Yes, rich and famous people have been using private jets as a luxurious way to travel. Well, that’s primarily because amongst the rich, many have purchased their own private jets. However, this does not mean that others who are not ‘rich’ cannot afford to fly on private aircraft.

Charter services own most of the private jets that you see in airports all around the world. They are mostly used by businessmen and, yes, ordinary people who are glad to pay extra to experience a private jet ride. Indeed, private jet travel is more expensive than commercial flights, but that should not and does not stop many people from trying it out for themselves.

It is not safe to travel on private planes

The simple fact that more people are using commercial flights daily gives reason that people naturally trust these aircrafts more. There larger size makes most people feel safer, especially when riding through turbulent weather.

Private jets can move faster because they are smaller, quickly avoiding lousy weather conditions. Jets also have the option to choose an alternate airport or waiting it out during bad weather. When it comes to security and safety regulations, private jets have the same standards as commercial flights. They are both regulated by FAA standards and are monitored continuously to maximize security.

Rigorous Security Checking and Transportation Security Administration Issues

Traveling on private jets is actually hassle-free when it comes to security checking. You don’t have to pass through metal detectors, security screenings, and even gates. In fact, at some FBOs you can drive your car directly to the plane, load your baggage, and be on your way.

To make it more convenient for you, you can call Griffin Transportation and request for their private aviation service. They can get you into a limousine and drive you over to the airport, so you don’t even have to bring your own vehicle. This is a convenient option for those who are traveling interstate or to different countries using private planes.

You can also request for a vehicle to pick you up upon your arrival at the airport. They can go straight to the private jet, load your bags, and send you straight to your destination in no time. Griffin Transportation offers top of the line services that you can depend on. They are there when you need them, offering 24/7 customer service support.

With all the benefits and services available, private flying is not a bad option. In fact, private jets are more convenient and far more comfortable than commercial airlines.

Posted on Sep 04 2019

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