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A Crash Course in Executive Travel Etiquette

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Business travel implies a lot of adapting: to a different time zone, a new bed in a new location and a changed work schedule. Also, while being on the road, you have to check your emails in your Seattle Airport Shuttle, for example, as for your diet, you may have to pause it during the dinner reception.

You should understand that while there are things you can control (like the productivity at home and choosing the right Limo Service), there are others you can’t. Frequent business travelers state that it's very important to adapt to your clients, colleagues or manager as much as possible. We’ve come up with a list of seven ways to make the best possible impression while on the road.



When you're traveling, especially accompanied by a large group, you can't be in control of what, when and where you eat. So, you should adapt and pay attention to your clients’ hints. For example, if they don't order a glass of wine at dinner, it’s advisable you do the same and ask for a diet coke or sparkling water. Also, while being at a restaurant, you're not going to make a good impression on your table companion if you send back dishes, complain or be picky and request lots of modifications. Isn't your business more important than arguing whether your steak was cooked perfectly medium-rare?


Be Organized

You don't want to make a wrong impression and be considered careless for losing your hotel keys, passport or USB drive, do you? So, try to organize your documents into folders, backup your data and keep essential items close at hand. Also, do your best to prepare for the day in advance, so your group doesn’t have to wait while you search for your credit card.


Keep Personal Life Separate

Business travelers firmly believe that one should try to stay connected to the friends and family back home while on the road, but definitely refrain from blending personal stuff with work. Don't make phone calls to your family in the Seattle Airport Shuttle, if you’re accompanied by a client or associate, except for an emergency. If really necessary, text them; otherwise, talk to them when you're alone.


Be Prepared

Prepare yourself in advance for the probable weather and any possible logistics challenges. Pack anything useful like weather-appropriate outfits, an umbrella, lightweight clothes or anything else you think that might help you smoothly adapt.


Bring Cash

Travel specialists advise us to always have a small sum of cash at hand while traveling anywhere. You might want to tip the hotel staff for their service, so it's best for you to be prepared.


Be Punctual

It doesn't matter if the client runs late; it’s best for you to be punctual. If you travel accompanied by a Senior Associate who likes to get up early and get right to work, do everything in your power to not keep him waiting for you. We recommend you arrive at the airport with time to spare, even if you prefer to board the plane last-minute. Another piece of advice is to avoid tight flight connections and don’t risk waiting for a cab service when you must arrive quickly to a remote location.


Dress Well

Pay attention to your attire as well as you must look professional and elegant, except when your client isn't. The rule of “dress one step above your clients” remains valid, but it's not very appropriate to wear a full suit while your clients are dressed in cargo shorts and t-shirts, for example. There are many variables involved, including your company’s culture and expectations, but usually, if your clients are casually dressed, then you can very well wear a polo or button-down shirt and a pair of well-pressed khakis.

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Make sure you travel in style

If you decide to hire Griffin Transportation, you will benefit from a polite, experienced and professional chauffeur who will drive you to or from the airport fast, safe and in a relaxing manner.

Every Van that we own possesses the latest technology equipment and has plenty of space to accommodate the passengers and their luggage.

Traveling by air can be quite stressful. You have a million things to be preoccupied about, a lot to pack while also making sure that you don't leave anything behind. And time seems to pass so fast. To relieve a little bit of stress from your shoulders, you should hire a ground transportation service to drive you to the airport. You won't have to worry about traffic jams, and therefore, arrive relaxed at the airport.

Griffin Transportation guarantees to provide the best Seattle airport shuttle service with the help of its experienced chauffeurs and highly equipped vehicles. Only through this combination of cars, technology, and professional employees has Griffin Transportation been able to provide “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction” to all of our clients, every single time they call or travel with us.

You can count on us for a fast transfer from Seattle airport to city locations and even beyond, in our completely insured, well-maintained vehicles. We advise you to pre book your airport shuttle before you leave home so you can start your business trip or holiday in the most relaxing way possible.

Give us a call or an email today, and let our professional Seattle airport shuttle service surpass even your most challenging transportation demands.

Posted on Aug 02 2016

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