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Create a Workplace Centered on Teamwork and Collaboration

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It’s frustrating to work on a team with others only to discover that the work is not progressing smoothly and there is a lack of communication and trust among team members. On the other hand, teams that practice open communication and have a clear mutual goal find that collaborating with others is actually useful and rewarding on many levels.

Here at our Vancouver ground transportation service, we understand the need for teamwork, especially when it comes to ensuring that our chauffeurs are punctual in their pickup times. Our customers are our Number One priority and we do our best to provide them with a safe and comfortable ride every single time.

Good teamwork is fostered over time and requires effort from every single person. Here are 5 methods you can employ to help improve teamwork and collaboration in your workplace:

Avoid Complex Speeches and Directives

 No one wants to listen to a long and convoluted explanation or directive. In fact, one of the hallmarks of a great team is clear communication, meaning the simpler, the better. Encourage everyone on your team to contribute with their ideas and opinions and stick to the ground rule that there really is no such thing as a bad idea. When people feel appreciated, their trust begins to grow, and they will be willing to put in more effort to be a part of an effective team.

Practice Conflict Resolution

Conflict can quickly escalate if kept unchecked. This is often due to miscommunication, which makes it essential to put in place clear and concise ways to resolve matters. Hugging it out is a good thing, but more importantly, members in conflict need to feel heard and understood during the process of conflict resolution. This also ensures that future disagreements are less likely to blow up all of a sudden and can be better managed and dealt with.

Build in a Review Stage

In the early stages of idea development and planning, it’s important for each member to play an active role in the area of conceptualization. Members should be encouraged to each play the role of ‘devil’s advocate’ and view ideas from as many angles as possible. This helps to streamline the team’s overall workflow and also highlights elements that might otherwise be missed.

Share a Common Goal

We can all understand how easy it is to disagree with someone. Now imagine several people on a team who don’t see eye to eye on the reason for the project or even how the project is being handled. Instead of working together, everyone will be working from their own agenda, and that’s definitely unhealthy for fostering teamwork. Understanding how your contributions fit into making a team successful is key to a greater working relationship for everyone.

Celebrate Milestones

Always appreciate the work of others. In fact, thanking and appreciating team members can be done on a daily basis. Not only does this foster an environment of care and trust, but it also helps team members to see that their work matters. When milestones are reached, remember to take the time to celebrate and rejoice in another successful outcome.

Posted on Jan 30 2018

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