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The Dangers of Texting and Driving

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Keeping in touch with others is an important part of everyday life. Whether you're a traveling professional who needs to keep in contact with clients and managers or simply a social person with a busy life, texting makes communication easier. Making plans with friends, scheduling meetings, and keeping in touch with family members are all made more simple by texting. In today's world, we are expected to be available at all times, and texting makes this possible.


This constant communication does have its drawbacks when it comes to traveling. When you pair the need to communicate with the need to get around, it can be dangerous. If you choose to drive while texting, you put yourself and everyone else on the road at risk. Texting is a major distraction for drivers, and taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can impair your driving abilities as much as alcohol.


If you need to stay in touch while you get around, have one of our chauffeurs transport you safely while you text. Our professional chauffeurs can assist you with any Vancouver ground transportation you need. Whether you need a quick ride to the airport or a more consistent means of transportation, Griffin Transportation has everything you need. Skip car rental and arrange airport pickup so you can make arrangements from your limo on the way to your hotel.


Our comfortable and luxurious limos are staffed by courteous and professional chauffeurs who will arrive on time and get you wherever you need to go. You can keep in touch with friends, family, and business partners throughout your commute. Our limo service allows you to rest easily knowing a capable chauffeur is at the wheel. Using our limo service in Vancouver is easily accessible while you stay connected using your phone. You can easily call, text, or write emails in the limo while your chauffeur delivers you to your desired location.


In today's world of constant connection, it can be tempting to get behind the wheel while texting. This puts yourself and other drivers at risk of danger. Make the responsible choice by leaving the driving up to someone else while you text. You can trust our reliable chauffeurs to get you to your destination safely while you stay connected to loved ones and business associates worldwide.


Whether you're a local resident needing a one-time ride or an international traveler looking for transportation for the length of your stay, Griffin Transportation has a limo and chauffeur for you. Our chauffeur services can be used for everyday transport, formal events, and business meetings or conventions. You can trust our professional chauffeurs to get you around safely while you relax in our luxurious vehicles.


With Griffin Transportation, you can get where you need to go without worrying about the hassles of traffic, parking, and trying to keep in touch while you drive. Leave the driving to our chauffeurs while you enjoy the ability to text freely from the comfort of your luxury limo.

Posted on Jan 10 2017

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