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Don't Miss Your Flight: Ways to Minimize Delays

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If you're going on an important trip, you'll want to avoid potentially missing your flight. A missed flight could delay you by as much as a day depending on the location you're flying to and missing an international flight can lead to even greater complexities.

Check-In Before You Get There

You can check into your flight online by going to your airline's website 24 hours in advance. Once you have checked in, you can visit the travel kiosks at the airport to print your boarding pass. That way you don't need to stand in line; you can just go right through security to the gate.

Don't Check Any Luggage

Checking luggage will mean that you'll need to stand in line to get your luggage processed. It also means that you'll need to drag your luggage around. During important trips, it's much better to travel light. If you do need to check luggage, you can print your luggage tags at the kiosk rather than getting them at the desk.

Arrange Transportation Ahead of Time

If you drive yourself, you'll need to pay expensive parking fees and you may waste time trying to find a suitable parking space. If you try to call a taxi, it may arrive late. Instead, arrange for transportation to the airport through a scheduled car service in advance.

Get on the TSA Preferred List

For a small fee, to cover a background check, you can get onto a preferred list that allows you to skip the TSA screening. During busy times, simply going through airport screening can take a significant amount of time. Getting on the TSA preferred list is especially useful for those who travel often; it covers all your flights for a certain duration of time.

Fly through Smaller Airports

If you have a connecting flight, consider scheduling your connection in a smaller airport. A smaller airport is far less likely to involve delays; there will be fewer people in line and there will be less of a chance that you'll need to walk large distances between gates.

Sometimes there are delays that you simply can't avoid. If you do miss your flight, make sure to call your airline as soon as possible. They will often be able to schedule you on a later flight on the same day or find you other arrangements.

Griffin Transportation uses state-of-the-art flight tracking software and dispatch systems to ensure that even if you face delays, your car will be ready and waiting for you.  Call us today!

Posted on Jul 10 2014

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