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The do's and don'ts of packing

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Packing isn’t high on anyone’s list of favorite things to do when planning a vacation or business trip, but it’s on the list. You can’t get around packing unless you have a big budget and the ability to simply order all new things or shop while you’re away from home. Since that’s not an option for most people, learning how to properly pack is the next best option. We don’t just offer airport shuttle service in Vancouver, we also offer tips that make your trips a little more enjoyable. Let us help you in more ways than one by teaching you how to properly pack before you head anywhere on vacation or business.


Pack Light

The best advice you’re ever going to get is to pack light. It’s imperative. Not only do airlines charge hefty fees when your luggage is overweight, it’s also more stressful to overpack. Packing light is great, because you don’t have as much to pack or unpack. The basics are perfect. Keep everything you pack in one color palette so you need only pack a few accessories to match. When everything matches one pair of dress shoes and one evening back, you needn’t pack extras.



Layers are your best friend during any travel. You want to pack layers so you can adequately dress. Check the weather for the time you’ll be in Vancouver to determine what the weather is like while you’re here, and work on that. You can pack layers so you have a way of being comfortable on a pretty day and again on a cold night.


Know What Fits

Before you choose a suitcase or begin overpacking, remember there are certain things that fit in certain places. When booking a limo in Vancouver, you might want to specify the size vehicle you need to accommodate what you pack. If you book a limo and don’t ask for something with a large trunk, you might not have adequate room for your luggage. It’s also true of airlines. If you pack a carry-on that doesn’t meet size requirements, you could be forced to check it at the counter or the gate before you board.


Know Airport Rules

You can pack all the liquids you want in your toiletry bag, but they’ll need to be smaller than 3.4 ounces, and they must be placed in a large, clear plastic bag and easily removable so you can put them in a bin at security. We’ve seen our fair share of travelers upset by forgetting this and being asked to throw out their favorite perfumes, lotions, and other expensive toiletries prior to going through security.

Packing carefully is always the best option no matter where you’re going. It’s time to think about the basics and forget packing extras. Now is a time to get creative, coordinate your outfits, and save yourself an expensive bill at the airport.


Posted on Mar 14 2017

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