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Ensuring Your Privacy While Working on the Plane

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One thing many travelers forget is that the plane is a very public place. With flight attendants telling everyone to turn off their devices, it can seem as though it is private enough to complete work. But those around you can see everything that you're doing on your laptop or your tablet. In recent months, there has been a trend of people posting pictures they take of other people on the plane -- and it's completely legal because it's a public place.

Never View Confidential Documents on a Plane

Personally identifiable information, such as addresses and credit card information, should never be viewed on a plane. You really never know who you are sitting next to. A discrete glance isn't usually enough to memorize something -- but a fast snap of a picture while you're looking away is. Moreover, wearable technology is making it very easy to record photos and video without anyone else noticing.

Put Up a Divider When Working

There are privacy dividers sold that you can use to put a barrier between you and other passengers, but don't rely purely on them -- someone can still stand in an aisle and take a picture of you and you would never know. Moreover, others will simply assume they're taking a picture of the flight for a blog or social media account. If you need to view confidential documents without a divider, use a phone or tablet device and turn away from anyone around you. Shield the screen. Though this may take a little longer, it is far safer.

Just Avoid It Entirely

Sometimes it may be best to admit defeat. While working on the plane sounds appealing to those who prize efficiency above all else, it comes at a cost. You only have a certain amount of work you can do in a day, after all. Schedule your flight during your down time and relax throughout so that you can emerge from the plane refreshed and ready to tackle your tasks in a more private environment.

It can be very easy to focus on passwords and encryption standards when thinking about company data security and to entirely forget that people can simply peep over your shoulder.  Always be aware of your surroundings to protect your data.

Posted on Sep 22 2014

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