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Essential Tips for First-time Honeymooners

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Ready to embark on an exciting and memorable honeymoon with your partner-for-life? Romance is definitely the highlight of this sweet period. This is one vacation where the focus should just be on learning more about each other and reaching a new level of intimacy. Let’s take a look at these five essential tips for an unforgettable honeymoon experience:


Plan the Getaway Together

 We each have unique strengths that serve us well in different scenarios. If one partner is good with details, then he or she can be in charge of finalizing the itinerary and bookings. Vice versa, if one person is good at languages, then he or she can mainly be in charge of translating. Not only is this a good use of resources, but it also minimizes the risk of anything bad occurring during your trip.


Do Something You Both Like

 Definitely, keep your partner’s preferences in mind when planning a getaway together. Your honeymoon is a period to spend quality time together, and it means doing things that both of you love or can compromise with. Of course, it’ll be ideal if you can both agree on activities and locations with minimal issue, but you can always fall back on taking turns (or compromising) to enjoy the most of your honeymoon.


Reduce External Distractions

 Your honeymoon is a special period where the focus should mainly be on both of you. This translates to you and your partner minimizing external distractions (e.g. phones and work-related things). If there’s ever a period you can be selfish and get away with it, it’s this magical time where you should be concentrating on learning more about your better half and falling even more in love with them.


Leave Room for Just Each Other

 If you go to sleep exhausted and wake up feeling tired, you’re probably not going to enjoy your time together as much as you should be. Packing in the activities and sightseeing is pretty normal, but you should refrain from back-to-back timings. Take some time out and just chill out over a meal or take a leisurely walk while holding hands. Remember, everything else at this time should come secondary unless it’s absolutely necessary to you enjoying your honeymoon.


Stay Calm and Show Some Love

 Before you go on your honeymoon, agree to always consult each other on certain decisions to minimize miscommunication. Unpredictable events can happen at any time (because they’re unpredictable), but if you’re prepared to take anything that comes your way with a calm mind and even a sense of humor, you’ll definitely have the honeymoon of your life. At the least, agree to put each other as a priority and always remember that problems can be solved together.

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Posted on Sep 19 2017

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