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Feeding the Brain: What to Eat at Your Next Event

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A successful event must end with attendees leaving having achieved something; they should have learned something new and benefited from their experience in some way. For this you need a great plan, executed by capable staff and engaging speakers to hold the audiences’ attention. This is not just a one way process; as an attendee you’ve also got to put yourself in the position to learn. A really simple way to help this, whether you’re an individual or an event planner considering menu choices, is to ensure that the food and drink is right.

Brain Food

Breakfast is the most important meal; we all know that. This does not just mean you’ve got take it, you’ve got to take it seriously. What you eat for breakfast is important – it has got too set you up for the whole day.  That’s why whole grains – think oatmeal or whole grain toast – are important; these contain complex carbohydrates; that digest slower than other energy sources. Meaning, you will stay energized for longer.

Fruits and vegetables are important too. They contain fiber and nutrients that also help to provide a more enduring energy source. They won’t give you a short spike, followed by a crash, like cereals or sugar normally does.


Sometimes we’ll really need to apply ourselves to events or meetings to get the most out of them. Be that, following the train of logic, or just staying awake, anything we can give the brain will help. Omega 3 fatty acids are just what you should be eating in this situation.  They assist brain development and tend to be found in food that is light and does not promote lethargy or sap energy. Great examples are fish; specifically salmon and walnuts.

Setting yourself up to concentrate is not just about eating and drinking the right thing, it’s also about not doing the wrong thing: stimulants and depressants are bad for concentration. Coffee, a common stimulant, while good for a slight pick-up, can cause your concentration to wander. Similarly, alcohol, a frequent system-depressant, can reduce your attention span and have exactly the same end-result.


Another key disruptor to our ability to garner the most benefit from events is lack of sleep the night before. Here an awareness of what to consume can also help. Vitamin B6 (found in bananas) and calcium (dairy products) can help with relaxation and sleep, as can chamomile tea.

Hopefully this short post has been of use in informing your menu choices before your next event or meeting.  There is one other vital ingredient in a productive meeting – excellent chauffeured transportation. As a leading provider of, and proud contributor to, event based chauffeur services in Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver for over a decade, we’d like to be your next event partner. Griffin has the simple mission: to be better, call us to see exactly what this means.


Posted on Sep 20 2013

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