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Find Out What’s Your Travel Persona

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We all like to think we are amazing travelers. We’re laid back, we don’t yell at airport employees, and we certainly aren’t impatient. We’ll get where we need to be at some point, right? The truth is most of us are a lot less laid-back than we like to believe, and that’s because we fall into four very specific travel personas. The chauffeurs who work closely with our Whistler limo rental clients know firsthand just how accurate this list is when it comes to traveler personalities.

Open-Minded Adventurous Traveler

This is the person we all want to be. This is the person who is excited for any adventure, looking forward to anything and not allowing many things to upset him. A 30-minute delay? The open-minded, adventurous traveler isn’t worried about that. We know this person, and a little extra time to enjoy some champagne or an exotic cocktail at the bar isn’t a problem.

Careful Planner Travelers

We all have a friend like this, and we all appreciate this friend when things are organized and on track. We love this traveler because they have it all figured out and planned. They might not love a delay, and they don’t always handle it well when things aren’t going according to plan, but they have a backup plan for their backup plan. We all need a friend like this with whom to travel.

The Pampered Traveler

We all want to be this traveler, but it’s reserved for a special class of people who are accustomed to getting what they want without a second thought. This is the traveler who spends whatever it takes, spares no expense, and naturally expects amazing service everywhere he or she goes. This is the person who always has a connection for an upgrade, and we all secretly wish it was us.

The Independent Traveler

This is a traveler who likes things to go their way, but they’re not going to lose their mind when it doesn’t. They’re very put-together and enjoy doing new things and going new places, but they’re still pretty annoyed when things aren’t going their way. They must have control over everything, even in a place they’ve never been. This is the kind of traveler who wants to have it under control from start to finish, but they understand that sometimes plans will not go their way as various things happen to prevent that.

Our Vancouver airport transportation service is familiar with all the travel personas and, regardless of which one you identify best with, know that we treat all our customers with respect and integrity, and we always put your safety first. Our vehicles are excellently maintained, luxurious, safe, and comfortable. Our professional chauffeurs are highly trained and good at what they do, and we are not going to provide any travel personality with anything less than the best possible service no matter the day.

Posted on Jul 18 2017

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