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Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

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Traveling for business is becoming more reliant on gadgets, especially ones with built-in technology. Some of the items now available are truly quite inventive. Hopefully, they will make your trip more convenient and your belongings kept safe. While booking your business trip to Vancouver, be sure to use the online booking capability of your limo or car company for your Vancouver airport transportation services. This technology is easy. Now, let’s take a look at what is trending for travel gadgetry in 2017.


Smart Padlocks

Have you ever worried about airport or hotel personal going through your luggage? It does happen. You could spend a lot on a smart suitcase, or spend less on a smart padlock. A smart padlock operates by using an app on your cell phone. You don’t need one of those tiny keys that can easily get lost or a code that you might forget. While they aren’t as much as a smart suitcase, one will set you back about $50 - $80.


Fitness Tracker

If you are like many business travelers, you might not have a lot of free time to fit a workout in. A fitness tracker can be helpful in letting you know just how much activity you are actually incorporating into your day, even when you can’t fit a workout at the hotel gym in. Fitness trackers can count steps and distance walked, calculate calories burned, and keep track of your sleep.

If you are lucky enough to tag on a free day at the beginning or end of your trip, grab the Whistler airport shuttle to or from the resort and do some skiing, hiking, or biking. You fitness tracker will let you know how well you are doing.


Phone Chargers

You must remember to pack a phone charger for your business trip. There are some pretty powerful portable power banks available that can hold a charge for a long time, allowing you to charge your phone up to 3 times without a power source. A power bank will eventually die out and need to be recharged.

Another cool option is the solar charger, as this can be juiced from either the sun or an electrical source. This could come in handy if you are traveling abroad and forgot your travel adapter.

And always bring a car charger. Your car service chauffeur will be happy to let you charge your phone while getting you from place to place on your business trip.


Mobile Wi-Fi Device

If you anticipate using a lot of data, consider an unlocked mobile router to connect your phone and tablet to. These use a SIM card that you can pay for once or purchase as a monthly contract. This could save you in hotel internet charges and additional roaming charges with your service provider. These are small and come with an LCD screen and a battery charge indicator.

The next time you are headed to Vancouver for a business trip consider looking into these great travel gadgets that are trending in 2017. They could make your trip a little easier and decrease the worry about the safety of your belongings.

Posted on Feb 15 2017

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