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Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

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If you travel often, a simple gadget can make your trips easier. Whether you’re taking a Seattle limo service into Vancouver for the weekend or spending weeks traveling from one city to another, the right gadgets are essential for reducing stress and frustration. As a result, you actually enjoy your time away from home.


Innovative Gadgets for 2016


  • Nokia Treasure Tag—In addition to frustration, there is a major risk factor associated with losing a laptop bag, carry-on, or standard piece of luggage. To avoid a nightmare, you can purchase this amazing gadget. While small, this tag operates for up to six months on a single battery. When connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, the tag tracks your belongings. If you’reunsure where your belongings were misplaced, you’ll be able to see where the Bluetooth connection was lost on a map.


  • Grid-It—Another great travel gadget, Grid-It is designed to keep things organized. This system is comprised of elastic bands that hold various devices securely in place within the case. To accommodate the various items for your trip, this gadget comes in several sizes.


  • Kensington AbsolutePower—Whether you’re a passenger in a Seattle limousine, waiting on a flight, in your hotel room, or sitting in a meeting, it is important to have your mobile devices fully charged. This compact gadget is remarkable in that it can power up a wide range of devices. With this, smart technology senses and then delivers the appropriate amount of power needed.


  • Apple Airport Express—If you travel with an Apple mobile device, this gadget is essential. Using Apple Airport Express, you can receive a new Wi-Fi network. Best of all, you can connect several devices simultaneously or one at a time, all on your own private and secure network.


  • All-in-One Travel Adapter—When traveling to different countries, you may have trouble finding an American plug. With an all-in-one travel adapter, you can operate or charge virtually any device that you travel with. Best of all, this adapter is small, making it perfect for a carry-on.


  • Headphones—If you want to eliminate unwanted noise while at the airport, in an airplane flying to your destination, or sitting in the back of a Seattle limousine, you should invest in high-quality noise-cancelling headphones.


  • USB Security Key—This is another excellent travel gadget worth the investment. Because hackers can crack passwords, you need better protection. With a USB security keyyou download hack-proof software, which is then loaded onto the key.


Smooth and Easy Ground Transportation


Although you have many different options for ground transportation, when traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia, a Seattle limousine company or Vancouver limo is safe, convenient, comfortable, and affordable, making it a perfect solution.

Posted on Feb 23 2016

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