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Get The Most Out of Your Airport Transfer

The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction

Part of being successful in the world of business is being efficient and productive; aspects of business travel are no different. You need to hit deadlines, manage schedules and remain productive while on the road. One of the most frustrating – but unavoidable - aspects of business travel is the transfer from airport to hotel or destination. A transfer can mean many minutes stuck in one place but it does not meant that it has to be time wasted.

There are many transfer options open to the travelling business person. The choice of which to go for should really only be based a few aspects – and, as with all things to do with business – what is the most efficient and productive option.

If you opt to drive yourself in a hire car you may be depriving yourself of precious hours of productivity. Consider for a second just how much time this will amount to on one trip – if you have a half hour transfer each side on a typical business trip, you’re talking about two hours lost driving, plus the 40 or so minutes to pick up and drop off the hire car.  If you travel often you can quickly see how this time loss will add up. That’s before of course you take into consideration the complications of navigating in a new city, parking and traffic.

Vital Activity

We talked about time wasted, this is perhaps misleading: most of us will actually have to do something pretty important on our business trips. If not, why would be travelling? So this preparation or post-trip activity is actually vital activity for the success or failure or our trips’ objectives.

If you book a quality car service you could free up all this transfer-time to the fulfillment of this ‘vital time’. Meaning, you be able to run through that presentation, or write up your notes in the best environment possible given the circumstances. What’s more, you’re can ensure that, despite all the time you’re devoting to the trip, you’ll be able to keep your ‘routine tasks’ ticking over. You’ll have the chance and environment to be productive – be that catching up on email or making a vital and confidential call.


The other massive advantage of a quality car service is the manner in which you’ll be travelling. Air travel, even the luxury variety, can be stressful and tiring. Your transfer should be none of these things. Nor indeed, should your airport experience. With a quality car service, a chauffeur can meet you at baggage claim, collect your luggage and ensure you take the most efficient route to your waiting limousine and then your destination.

If you need a quality car service in Vancouver, B.C. we can be of assistance. We can provide you the very best possible service, tailored to your needs, to ensure that once you arrive at your airport you are met and transported to your destination in as much comfort as possible and with all that you need to be successful. Griffin Transportation simply aims to provide: “The Ultimate in Safety, Service and Satisfaction”. Call us today for a no obligation chat about just what services we can provide.


Posted on Jan 07 2014

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