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Have You Flown to or from any of the World's Top Ten Airports?

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Whether you barely give your surroundings a second look when walking through an airport or if you are actually a true aficionado of these transportation hubs, it’s fun to have a look at the top airports in the world. 

Skytrax, a website that focuses on consumer aviation, recently unveiled its World Airport Awards for 2015. Spoiler alert: the Changi International Airport in Singapore was given the top prize, the third year in a row it has achieved this exalted status.

The rankings from Skytrax are generated from information provided by more than 13 million fliers traveling from 112 countries in a survey. Its survey included more than 550 airports and addressed 39 performance and service details, including the locations of bathrooms, the communication abilities of staff members and overall facility comfort. Here are some highlights:

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was ranked at number 9 this year, down from number 5 in 2014. Schiphol operates as a hub for Delta, KLM and Transavia, making it one of the most traveled airports in Europe.

Ranking at number 7 (up from 12 the previous year) was Central Japan International Airport, which sees about 9.8 passengers every year. Its claim to fame is the fact that the airport was constructed on an artificial island. The sky deck spanning 1,000 feet is a favorite place for passengers to relax and observe ships as they sail in and out of nearby Nagoya Port. You can also relax in a Japanese bathhouse as you watch the sun go down in Ise Bay.

Munich Airport received the third position in the Skytrax rankings, the same rank it achieved last year. Situated near Munich’s downtown district, Munich is known for being one of the busiest of European airports. Its architecture style leans heavily on glass. Miniature golf and historic aircraft on display welcome travelers at the nearby visitors’ park.

If you have been to any of Skytrax most favored airports recently, do you think the survey results match your experiences? If not, perhaps your travels will soon bring you to an airport that defies your expectations and surprises you with its amenities.

Posted on Apr 08 2015

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