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Healthy travel – 6 smart eating options for business travelers

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If there’s one thing we know well, it’s travel. Our Vancouver airport transportation chauffeurs spend more time on the road than most people, and we make it our mission to help our employees learn more about healthy eating on the road. Business travelers riding in any of our safe and comfortable Vancouver limos need to maintain good health. It’s not exactly easy to do that while on the road, but there are many simple ways you can still do it. We know it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet when there are so many decadent options available during business travel, but we want to help you stay healthy on the road.

Coffee Helps

If you love an amazing Frappuccino or cappuccino at a particular coffee shop, you’re not alone. It’s easy to stop and grab a coffee-like drink laden with empty calories, especially in the fall when all those pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks are on every corner. Instead, stop at your favorite coffee shop and order a cup of coffee. You still get your caffeine jolt, but you don’t get the calories.

Skip the Fast Food Lines

We know you want to grab a quick bite at the local fast food restaurant, but there are better options. Instead, run into the local supermarket and grab a premade fruit and yogurt parfait in the produce section. It’s a much healthier option, and it’s filling.

Drink Water

Always have water with you. It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re on the road, but you can’t. Not only does it lead to dehydration, but it also makes you feel ill when you don’t have enough. It means headaches and other ailments, and all you need to avoid them is plenty of water.

Limit Your Drinks

It’s easy on business trips to get caught up in the moment during happy hour and other events, but now is not the time to let yourself imbibe in so many empty calories. Rather than asking for that margarita, ask the bartender for a glass of wine or a low-calorie beer. You can still have a drink, but it’s one that won’t offer you a full day of calories.

Pack Your Own Food

Rather than relying on snacks at events or in between events, make it your mission to snack on your own healthy options. Pack healthy snacks that are easy to grab and go in your hotel room, and keep them with you. When you have a healthy option with you, it’s easier to make a healthy decision while eating.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

If there is one option you have to remain healthy while traveling, it’s breakfast. The bigger the breakfast, the fuller you are all day. This makes it a lot easier to make better decisions regarding your eating habits throughout the day. Eat something healthy, try something with protein, and be sure you’re making wise decisions at breakfast, such as only one piece of bacon rather than five. It’s difficult, we know.

Eating healthy is the key to happiness and good health, but it’s imperative you don’t forget to stay active while you’re away on business. Take a walk, hit the gym, or join some active classes while you’re in your hotel. You cannot out-workout an unhealthy diet, so make it a team effort with yourself to stay healthy all the way.


Posted on May 23 2017

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