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Here are 5 Simple Ways to Show Your Appreciation This Holiday Season

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The holidays are really the perfect time to slow down and start connecting back with the people we care for. After all, everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated, and you can definitely jump on this bandwagon too. Of course, it does mean a lot of things to different people, be it reflecting, giving back, spending time together, or even just working out the traditions you remember. You can play your part by showing your gratitude to those around you, and because we truly understand how it feels to be appreciated for our services, we’ve given you some tips you can take advantage of right away:


Ring Someone Up

Although ringing up someone else might seem relatively easy to do, you’ll be surprised at just how common it is to overlook talking with the most important people in your life when you have so much going on. Everyone wants to be remembered and feel appreciated, and this holiday season is the perfect time to do so. When they’re just a phone call away, all you have to do is dial.


Take Over an Unpleasant Task

There are plenty of tasks to choose from in a day, and it really comes as no surprise that unpleasant tasks are a lot easier to procrastinate on when we get the chance. This holiday season, why not turn the tables around and step up? Be it our workplace or own home, you’re not going to be the only one who prefers doing things that you like, but you’ll definitely make someone’s day by taking over the unpleasantness instead.


Send Thanks You Notes

Have you ever received a thank you note that just made your day? Well, if you have, you know just how easy it is to show your appreciation for someone else. Of course, this can be done on a simple sticky note, but if you’re talking about someone further away, you’ll have to use a different method. With technology getting more interactive as time goes by, there’s plenty of ways to connect with someone who can even be halfway across the world.


Donate to Charity

Giving back doesn’t necessarily mean going full-time into war torn countries or natural disaster sites. In fact, for most charitable and welfare organizations, money is one thing that keeps them going, be it for research, education, relief aid, or just to improve the well-being of many. Whenever you can, do give back to society to help those in need, and if you’re able to volunteer your time and effort, that’s even better.


Give Special Treats

Gifts and presents are seen as a pretty mandatory thing as the holiday season starts rolling around, but they don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, it really is the thought that counts most of the time, which makes it a whole lot easier and manageable. Have you thought about what to give your loved ones?

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Posted on Nov 20 2018

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